Abdominal exercises for flat abs

Effective exercises for a healthier you

We are not perfect, our bodies are not perfect. That is why we often hear ourselves and other people complain about how big our butts are, and how heavy we feel always. One of the things we complain most about is our belly fat; we constantly hope that we could find the perfect exercise to have that sexy, flat stomach fast. There is no perfect exercise but there are effective ways on how to do it. Many people are preoccupied with the thought of having six-pack abs, and will believe anything just to get it. Yet, some of the most effective methods of reducing belly fat are just around the corner.

First off, you must have a definite plan on how to do the best exercise you've chosen to get that flat stomach fast. There is not magic formula in achieving this but through rigorous and determined daily exercise – to start with, by doing a predetermined number of stomach crunches. However, stomach crunches are not enough. You need to have control in what you take into your body.

Doing an effective abdominal exercise and complemented with control of your eating habits will get your halfway to your goal. Finally, the basic thing you must do is to choose healthy foods, and do the right way of doing stomach crunches to reduce your belly fat.

How are we going to do the right way of exercising with stomach crunches?

1. The first thing to do is to lie flat with your back on the ground. Bend your legs in a 90-degree angle vertical position with the sole of your feet on the floor. Place both of your hands behind your neck to act as support when you do the stomach crunches.

2. Choose an imaginary spot in the ceiling which will serve as a fixed spot for your eyes to focus. You should do this to prevent yourself from bending your neck to any direction when you actually do the stomach crunches. It is not worth getting that flat stomach fast when you get to strain your neck during the process.

3. Stabilize your lower back by tightening your abdominal muscles. Using only the strength of your stomach, slowly curl your body forward. Remember that your hands will serve only to support your neck during this process. Focus your eyes on the imaginary spot on the ceiling.

4. When curling forward, do not place your body in an upright position rather your shoulder blades should only be off the ground between 5 to 8 inches. Hold your present position for about 3 seconds using your upper and lower abs. You should be careful not to strain your back. Slowly return to the starting position of your body after 3 seconds.

Repeat the process as desired or with a predetermined number of repetitions and sets. Don't over-strain your abdominal muscles.

Focus on doing this exercise properly daily. It is not proper to hasten this process, just do your stomach crunches routine as suggested. Before you know it, you will achieve that flat stomach fast. Be sure to reduce your calorie intake also to maximize the benefits of this simple exercise plan.