One of the most interesting aspects of shopping can be when a person goes to buy a new car. In the past working with a dealer on the details was considered a tricky chore by some people. But today with a great wealth of information all over the internet the buyer has more tools to help make the wise decision. Here today I'm gonna talk about how to get a free carfax history report.

I'm sure there are some people out there reading this article thinking to themselves why should I learn how to get a free carfax history report? Well the answer is simply because it ensures that you're getting the best automobile for the money. If you're gonna spend all that hard earned money on something it mind as well be the best possible vehicle.

If you learn how and go into the dealership with the information allowing you to get a free carfax history report then you could walk away in a much better situation. You can't always take a dealership at their word because they are looking to put you into a vehicle regardless of the condition or quality. It's their business to make money not to conform 100% to your wishes.

A person armed with the right information that I'm gonna share here today can find out exactly what they are getting in the deal. So enough of the small talk lets get into exactly how a person can obtain a free carfax history report.

The most important thing that you're gonna need is the VIN (vehicle identification number) from the automobile. This can be obtained from the dealer. If they ask just tell them that your bank needs it in order to consider a loan for the automobile. That should be easy enough but you could also just tell them that you're gonna do a background check on the machine in question.

From there it's just a simple matter of going to the official carfax site and entering the information obtained from the dealer. The site will tell the buyer all the important details they need to know before making a purchase. They will tell if it's been in a wreck, had numerous owners, state the accurate mileage and much more information. One big thing to check for is to see if the automobile is from an area known for flooding or other disasters which can cause damage.

I would recommend asking the dealer upfront for a free carfax history report. Most places will be more than willing to offer one because they want to make a sale. If they don't then perhaps that is a good sign that you need to turn around and walk right back out the door. That would tell me that they either aren't willing to work with a customer or that they have something to hide.

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