There are many reasons that you may be interesting in getting a free criminal background check - to find out information about someone you just met, a colleague, a potential employee, a new neighbor - whatever your reason for wanting to get a free criminal background check it actualy can be quite simple and quick. Learn how to quickly locate a criminal background check in a few simple steps.

Things You Will Need


First and last name

State and city of residence if available

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is choose a criminal background check website, of which there are many. You can either conduct a google search for free criminal background checks or use one of the following free criminal background check websites to get you started:,,, or

Step 2

The best place to start is with a simple criminal background search where you enter the first and last name of the person as well as their state of residence or the state you think that may have committed a crime. If the person has committed a crime in that state, it will pop up here. However, you may get multiple people with that name in your criminal background search which means you will have to search through those records to find the person you intended or conduct a more advanced search.

Step 3

If the simple criminal background check did not work, try a more advanced search or try a search in another state. To do this you will have to enter more information about the person like thier middle name, birth year, city, etc. The more information you know the more likely you are to find something. If your search at this point comes up empty it likely means that either this person does not have a criminal background or they did not committ a crime in the state or city you are searching for.
It can be very important to know the background of someone you are working with or associate with, especially if you just met them. Free criminal background searches are a great way to get the piece of mind you need to feel comfortable moving forward with a relationship whether it be personal or professional. Many people find it especially helpful to do criminal background checks for people who will work with thier children or for people they met online or out. You can never be too careful about who you share your life and information with.

Tips & Warnings

Do not assume thatt just because your search yielded no results, this person does not have a record. It just may mean that do not have a criminal record in the state your searched. Trust your instincts
about people and always be cautious at the beginning.