Custom Email Address (23298)
Your email address is usually the first piece of marketing material a potential client sees. Whether it's via an email, a business card, a brochure or a website, it's important to promote yourself using a custom email address. It's time to ditch the freebie email account, such as or, and switch over to a free custom email account, such as Through Google Apps Standard Edition, you can create a custom email account and use several other collaborative tools for your business or organization. Keep in mind, you must either own a domain name or purchase a new one to create the custom email address. A domain name costs about ten dollars a year.

Things You Will Need

Domain name
FTP client (optional)
Hosting account (optional)

Step 1

Sign up for Google Apps Standard Edition. Go to, and click "Get Started" in the top right.

Step 2

Select the radio button beside "Administrator" and enter your domain name if you already own a domain. Click "Get Started."

If you need to purchase a domain name, click "I want to buy a domain name" and follow the onscreen instructions. Google will register the domain name for you using GoDaddy. You can also register a domain through another domain seller outside of the Google set up.

Step 3

Enter the required fields on the following page. You can skip the optional steps, if desired. Click "Continue."

Step 4

Create your administrator account, which will act as the first email address for your new custom email account. Enter a username, password and CAPTCHA code. Click "I Accept. Continue with set up."

Step 5

Select the way you would like to verify your account. If you choose to edit the CNAME, follow the onscreen instructions and skip to Step 9. If you have a hosting account, choose the radio button beside "Upload an HTML file." Click "Continue."

Step 6

Create a new HTML document called "googlehostedservice.html" and paste the code specified by Google.

Step 7

Open your FTP client. Enter your host, username and password. Click "Connect."

Step 8

Upload the googlehostedservice.html file to the root folder of your website. On the Google Apps setup page, click "I have completed these steps."

Step 9

Click "Dashboard" in the top left. Click "Activate email" underneath the email account section.

Step 10

Change the mail exchange records using the provided instructions from Google. Select your domain company from the drop down menu to see specific instructions for your account. When you are finished, click "I have completed these steps."

Step 11

Wait for your new custom email address to become active. It may take up to 48 hours, but it is usually live within minutes. Go to to access your account. Replace "" with your domain name.

Enjoy your new, free custom email account!

If you need to make changes to your account, log in and click "Manage This Domain" in the top right. Click "Email" to add additional email accounts, forward your email, or change the web address for your mailbox.

If your email account suddenly becomes inactive during the first 48 hours, don't be alarmed. Many changes take place during the setup process that may cause your account to become temporarily disabled.

Tips & Warnings

If you aren't tech-savvy, consider having your webmaster or favorite computer buddy help you. Editing DNS settings for your domain can be tricky and may cause your website to crash if improper editing occurs.