Being the hottest gadget for 2010, iPad hopefully is going to extend its success stories in the coming years. But is there a way you can get a free iPad – I mean pay nothing and still keep the gadget forever? Well, I think the answer is yes!

Do you think it's a total scam when you read that you can get a free iPad just by testing it? You've got to get ready because a lot of people have received their own device and are already enjoying it.

You see, a lot of leading electronic manufacturers need you and me. We are like precious stones to their total growth and expansion. Companies like Apple, Barnes and Nobles and the likes need your review, opinion and comments and in return, they have no problems giving you a free iPad as a "thank you" gift.

Some companies online are outright scam because they will tell you to refer a lot of people before you actually get their iPad. I don't think you have to believe them. There are some legitimate companies online that give out free iPads when you give an honest review or comment about any of their electronic devices.

Getting a free iPad without buying from retailers might look complicated, but really, it's not. Big companies like Apple are willing to give you an iPad providing you give them the information they need. This is called market research and it opens a new market trend to these big guys in the electronics industry.

Companies can actually allow individuals to test their products in order to determine its strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day, they don't take it from you but you will be asked to do few things in order to keep it forever.

You need to sign up with legitimate sites that allow you to test their products. They may require you to do some basic things like completing a survey or referring a few friends. This should be done only to speed up the time you need to get the free iPad so that you can be motivated. If not, stay away from sites that constantly ask you to refer hundreds of people.

The truth is, you can get a free iPad from legitimate companies. Learn to be savvy in your search and when you have found a legit iPad give away site, stick to it and you're sure to get your own iPad without paying a dime.