Preparing to get a good nights sleep

Routine Can Help You Fall Asleep Quicker

A good majority of the tossing and turning that takes place at bedtime can be caused by your pre-bedtime routine. One of the ways to get a good nights sleep is to give yourself at least 30 min. to an hour before bed to relax and settle down. By eliminating the running around, last-minute chores and other activities before bed you will allow your mind and body time to adjust and prepare for sleep.

Follow a sleep/wake routine. This requires getting up at the same time every morning and by doing so you'll help your internal clock get into the habit of going to sleep and waking up.

Another of the ways to get a good nights sleep is to eliminate those late-night meals. Not only can eating before bed contribute to weight gain some have also linked food consumed prior to bedtime to nightmares, difficulty sleeping and unwelcome bursts of energy. If you must eat before bed keep it simple, light, small and healthy-no greasy, fatty, salty, sugary foods.

Stretches can help relax the muscles in your body in preparation for rest. Any stretches done before bedtime should be done in a slow, relaxing manner and should not be substituted with exercise. Save exercising for the morning hours to help get the blood flowing and work up energy to take on the rest of the day.

A Room Worth Sleeping in

Keep your bedroom uncluttered, clean; and decorate it in the fashion that does not invoke chaos (too much color, busy patterns. . .). Also refrain from turning your room into a place of work. When you enter your room you want your body to be able to associate it with relaxation and sleep.

The Right Stuff: Bedding and More

Your bedding can have just as much to do with how to get a good nights sleep as your lifestyle. Not enough can be said about having a mattress that suits your comfort needs. With all the purchases that come with having a home, whether you own or rent, your mattress is not the place to scrimp and should be considered one of the most important and beneficial purchases you can make. After all if you don't sleep well it can affect just about every other aspect of your life both at home and work.

What you put on that bed is important as well, to getting better sleep at night. From your pillow to your blankets. If you ever wake up with a kink in your neck then you likely already know the importance a good pillow can have. There are too many choices in the market for anyone to have to settle on a pillow that's not comfortable. Feather, memory foam and cotton are just a few options you can choose between. Your blankets need to be chosen for their comfort value which breaks down to their ability to keep you and your body at a comfortable temperature. Comforters that are too thick can leave you hot and sweaty by morning and blankets to thin can leave you shivering, chilled and fighting for warmth when you should be sleeping soundly.

Sleep Aids to Help You Get a Good Night Sleep

If what is keeping you up at night and preventing you from getting a good nights sleep is snoring then there are sleep aids designed to help you get better rest. Breathe right strips designed to help keep your nasal passages open may assist in more peaceful dreams.

Prescription sleep aids may be right for some (talk to your doctor) who have trouble falling and staying asleep at night. 

Natural sleep aids such as melatonin; which can be found in pill form and sleepy time style teas is another option to try if you find yourself wondering- how to get a better night sleep.