Flat screen televisions dominate the television landscape today. Today's flat screen televisions are more compact in construction, which actually allows for more viewing area - for more of the screen to occupy the TV itself. The two most typical ways of displaying a flat screen television for viewing are through:

  • Wall Mountings
  • Flat Screen TV Stands
Wall mounts are typically made of a strong metal or metal alloy, and can be easily installed my most homeowners in under 30 minutes. Tools required include a ratchet and wrench, a studfinder, a level, a screwdriver, and availability of an assistant to help during installation.

The second alternative is to purchase a flat screen TV stand. Flat screen TV stands come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and price points. Flat screen TV stands come in one of two basic varieties:
  • Top Mounts
  • Furniture Styled
Top mount flat screen TV stands are usually constructed from some sort of reinforced plastic, acrylic, or polymer and although quite light they are very strong and able to withstand the weight of the televison as appropriate for the application. Always read the manufacturer's recommendations for proper application prior to purchase.

Furniture styled TV stands are named such as they are quite typically, furniture, and work in conjunction with a top mount stand. There are a myriad of styles and colors for furniture styled TV stands. The first consideration for anyone looking for a furniture styled TV stand is to consider the peripheral devices that will also be installed near or with the flat screen television. Surround-sound speaker systems can take up a large amount of room, so look for a TV stand with storage either under or to the side of the actual TV area. Other devices that may require space include audio systems, satellite or cable TV digital or analog boxes, and specialized devices such as Tivo.

For consumers who prefer a much more traditional type of TV stand, look for a hutch type stand. A hutch type stand will by definition come with glass or simulated glass doors that can be closed when the television is not being viewed. Others may prefer a basic glass top TV stand featuring thick tempered glass to be used along with a top mount stand. Whatver the style it is you prefer, be sure to consider the following purchase points:
  • Consider the manufacturer - look carefully at consumer reviews online
  • Consider the warranty - does the manufacturer "stand" behind the stand?
  • Consider the surroundings - will the TV be mounted in a high traffic area?
  • Consider pricing - always look for retailer or manufacturer sales and promotions
Ultimately, flat screen TV stands can do several useful things: help you enjoy your flat screen TV, add to the decor of your bedroom, den, family room (or any room), and be yet another smart online purchase. No matter what the TV stand you choose, you are sure to get years of use and enjoyment from it.

Flat Screen TV Stands