Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

How to Get Your Own Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

Hawaiian Airlines, in partnership with Bank of America, offers a Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card in two different varieties. If you are looking for a hawaiian airlines credit card, check out this guide to the two different types of credit card, how to choose which is best for your needs, and how to sign up for the program.

The Two Kinds of Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

The Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card is offered in two flavors: the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum and the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Classic. Aside from their different appearances, each card has different specifications and rewards program offerings as well.

The Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum

The Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum card is the top of the line, premiere card offered by Hawaiian Airlines and Bank of America. This credit card is designed to allow cardholders to accrue Hawaiian Airlines miles quickly as well as offering multiple ways to generate miles over time. On their initial credit card purchase , Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum cardholders receive 10,000 bonus HawaiianMiles. Meanwhile, cardholders also earn one HawaiianMile for each dollar they spend on their Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum credit cards.

Those cardholders that travel regularly on Hawaiian Airlines are set to earn HawaiianMiles even faster, because the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum cards credits 2 miles for every dollar spent on Hawaiian Airlines tickets. Basically, if you were to buy an $800 ticket from Hawaiian Airlines, you would earn 1600 HawaiianMiles!

Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum cardholdes are also entitled to 2,000 Anniversary HawaiianMiles each year. This means that when you renew your card each year your account is automatically credited an additional 2,000 HawaiianMiles.

Cardholders with spouses or special someones should also be excited about Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum's 50% discounted companion certificates. These allow cardholders to take a companion to Hawaii for half the cost! This perk is certainly a pot-sweetener for people that already spend a good deal of time in the islands or traveling to and from them.The platinum version of this hawaiian airlines credit card allows cardholders to accumulate up to 100,000 HawaiianMiles per year and even allows the sharing of miles between friends and family.

What does the platinum version of the Hawaiian airlines credit card offer in terms of security? The platinum hawaiian airlines credit card offers zero liability for internet purchases. This means that, if an internet purchase goes awry, if a package fails to show up or if goods purchased online are damaged by the time they reach your door, you are not liable for the purchase so long as you inform Bank of America quickly.

In addition to standard security features, the platinum version of the Hawaiian Airlines credit card also grants cardholders a $25,000 credit line.

Hawaiian Airlines Visa Classic

Designed to be the economy version of the hawaiian airlines credit card, the Hawaiian Airlines visa classic has much of the same features of its platinum big-brother, but at half strength.

Accordingly, Hawaiian Airlines Visa Classic cardholders also receive an instant bonus upon their first credit card purchase, but instead of racking up 10,000 HawaiianMiles, classic cardholders receive 5,000 miles. However, Hawaiian Airlines Classic Credit cardholders also earn the full HawaiianMile per dollar spent on the credit card.

Instead of receiving 2,000 anniversary HawaiianMiles, Hawaiian Airlines credit card classic holders earn 1,000.

Likewise, the upper limit of HawaiianMiles that a Hawaiian Airlines Visa Classic holder can accrue is 50,000.

The same security features apply for the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Classic credit card.

How to Get a Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

If you're interested in having a Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card, you should check out Bank of America's official Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card site. If you have a reasonable credit score, you can qualify for the card of your choosing online.