Decorating is a vital part of any holiday. It gives you the chance to bring in color and create traditions. It also lets you have something to look forward to. There are a few basic decorating and crafting principles that you can use for any holiday home.

Start a tradition. You might feel bad your first Christmas when you only have one ornament on the tree. However, you can buy a new ornament every year. Soon your tree will be filled up especially if you do this for every member of your family. It ensures that your items have sentimental value and at the same time really gives you the opportunity to budget your money wisely. You'll be able to put a lot of thought into choosing just one piece which will probably result in a more elegant look.

Save money with your own skills. This really gives you an opportunity to develop new talents. Even if you don't paint you could probably stencil a few holiday words on a canvas. You could fill up a large canvas with holiday words in a bold black or chocolate brown font. Then you can hang it on the wall as a piece of artwork and it won't scream that it's for the holidays. You could learn how to make wreaths, garlands or flower arrangements to cut down on costs and get a unique look. Even if you aren't a crafter you can probably find some way to add a little special touch just by gluing or wiring in embellishments to basic decorations.

Change up your theme. If you live in a modern or contemporary space then you might not even decorate for the holidays just because you don't like clutter. This really means that you miss out. You don't have to use evergreen boughs or plastic Easter eggs. You can find a theme that suits you. This could be framing a vintage calendar or bringing in natural elements from the garden. You could even just buy several new potted orchids or plants in the spring for an elegant burst of color.

Find a color palette that fits your home. You can still be traditional. However, you'll probably like your decorations a lot more if they fit in with your home. Green is a traditional Christmas color but you could change up the shade of green. For a contemporary space try a bright lime green. If Tuscan is your theme then go with more of an olive green. This allows you to get a custom look in your home. You can be traditional and unique at the same time and your space will really be different than all of your neighbors.

A holiday home needs to take a lot of things into consideration. It needs to be a space that looks good of course. It also needs to fit within your budget. At the same time your décor should speak to who you are. Whether you just decorate for one event a year or every item that comes up on the calendar following a few simple interior design rules can really make your space look sleek and sentimental at the same time.