Looking for a job in a guitar store? Working in a guitar store is a dream of many beginning guitar players. You get to spend your time with other guitarists and cool gear in the guitar shop. Working in a guitar shop is serious business and there’s a lot of money involved when you’re selling guitars and other musical equipment.  People will have plenty of questions about the gear so you need to be on the ball and ready to respond. This article will give you some tools you need to land that job at your local guitar store.

Job Skills for Working in a Guitar Store

If you want to work in a guitar store you are obviously going to need to know something about musical equipment unless you just want to be a cashier. You should have a general working knowledge of all the major brands of guitars and other musical equipment. You don’t need to know everything because you’ll learn along the way but you should have a general idea. If you don’t know the difference between a Fender and Gibson guitar for example, then you should learn that before you apply for any job. Larger guitar stores have people working the sales floor and you need to be ready to answer questions from customers and keep them interested in the product. If you can quickly answer their questions and show them how a certain piece of musical gear works, then that is a great tool not only for you, but for the guitar store in general. You become an asset for the company and you can move up in the ranks of the company quickly if you know what you’re doing and can sell the gear.  Any sort of sales or cashier experience will help you in landing a job in the larger guitar stores.  You may at first start in the stock room in the larger stores if you don’t have the skills they need.

Before You Apply

If the music shop has an online web presence check it out first and see if there’s any information on applying for a job at that shop. Don’t apply online unless they specifically want you to do that. Most local ships won’t have this policy but some of the larger chain might want you to apply online. For example “Guitar Center” in the USA is a large chain store and they have forms online that you can fill out for a job. A local small shop won’t require these online forms in most cases. Check each store you want to apply to before you fill out any forms.   Make sure you have a full and complete résumé done before you apply anywhere. You’ll want to highlight anything you have in regard to music. If you have worked anywhere else in the music industry make sure this is on your application. Some stores might require guitar teachers so if you’re a competent player add this to your paperwork too, along with any certificates or degrees in regard to music you may have.

Getting the Application

Just because you play guitar isn’t an excuse to dress like a slob when you go to a music store to look for work. If the store doesn’t require you to apply online, then go there in person to ask for an application. Dress appropriately so this means that you need clean, business like clothes. If you have tattoos on your arms, make sure you cover these up.  If you have spiked or wild colored hair, you should go back to your normal color before applying to the store. Men should make sure their beards are neatly trimmed and women should go light on the makeup. Even though you’re just going to ask about a job application you should “look” like you want the job. When you arrive ask to speak to a supervisor or manager and ask “them” if there are any job applications or if the store is looking for new employees.  Don’t just ask the first employee you see who probably won’t care.

The Interview

Before you go for the interview be sure you are dressed at your absolute best in appropriate business attire for an interview. Dressing this way goes a long way and makes an excellent first impression. If you don’t take the time to care about your appearance, then the store won’t care about hiring you.  When you are at the interview, just be yourself for it’s your natural personality that’s going to land you the job with the company, especially in regard to jobs that involve sales.  Doesn’t stress out over the whole situation; just do the best that you can.  While your skills are important it’s more about you as an individual that the interviewer will pick up on.  Answer all the questions to the best of your ability and thank the person interviewing you for their time. 

Working at a Guitar Store is Still Business

While the music industry is often thought of as carefree, it’s a big business for those companies that sell musical equipment.  Working at a guitar store is a chance to not only enjoy something that you love doing but make some good money at it in the process. You stand a better chance at landing that job in a guitar store if you treat the job application process in the right way. Check online for applications for the larger chain stores and go there in person for the smaller stores. Each store has its own rules for job applications so make sure you know those before you apply. A smaller store will be more of a family atmosphere while the larger chain stores are all “big business.” You need to decide which one you would rather work with and go from there. If you have great people skills and can work well with large groups of people in a fast paced environment then a large chain guitar store will be happy to have you along with them.  You can get a job in a guitar store with the right attitude and a business-like approach just like you would for any other job.