The Key Strategic Steps to Land a Great Job

Imagine this scenario: You are bored and not challenged by your current job.  In fact, you are not very fond of management, the money might be ok but still you want more.   You want a greater challenge, flexibility, the potential to earn more and an opportunity to work with some amazing and talented people.

Implement these strategic steps to land a job you really want.

Step 1: Target 1-3 Companies

Do some research on companies you see yourself working for.  Find out everything you can about them including who works there, how they're structured, what projects they have going on.  The internet is a great tool for this research but so are your friends and people within that industry.  Consider this the vetting process, it must be a place you really want to work and people you want to work with otherwise this process won't work for you.

Step 2: Make Contact with Your Target Company

Call reception, contact the Executive, contact other people within the company.  You can do this via e-mail, telephone and in-person.  It's best to use as many of these mediums as possible.  The goal here is to be direct by indicating your interest to work for your target company.  At all costs, avoid the Human Resources department.  The HR group gets inundated with applications and e-mails that you'll get sucked into the vortex.  So, my recommendation is to bypass the HR group altogether for now, at least until you get an offer of employment.

Step 3: Offer to Provide Value

Here is where you really separate yourself from other people.  You must offer to provide value.  This value can be in the form of advice for their website, a report on a relevant topic for the company, a presentation on a new project.  It really doesn't matter.  What you're trying to show here is that you have an interest combined with initative and employers absolutely love this.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

Be careful not to be annoying but continue to follow up with your target company.  Develop relationships, offer value, take the intiative to provide value. 

Your target company might not be hiring now but stay persistent and eventually they will be.  Maybe in 3 months, maybe in 6 but usually not much longer.

Ask yourself this: Would they rather give you a chance, someone who has shown character, initative and provided value or start the process from scratch by interviewing people off the street they don't know hoping to find someone who has the qualities you've already shown?

Good luck! Not that you'll need it!