Some people are surprised to learn that after college they do not find their intended job. Find out how to cope with life after college and get on track to climbing your way up the job ladder without going broke on the way!

Difficulty: Challenging
Things You’ll Need:
•    a college degree
•    patience
•    persistence
•    a good resume
•    job hunting skills


Step 1
Get a job. (Or keep the one you have).

Any job. Think of this job as just a means by which to pay your bills. This is not your career, and it is not what you went to college for, but that's O.K. It might be retail, waiting tables, food service, or whatever other place will hire you for a job.

Step 2
Polish your resume' and apply to any job in your field that you went to college for that you would be willing to do to start.

Details on how to write a resume, cover letter, and be successful in an interview are beyond the scope of this article, but most colleges have a career center that will give you general advice about these skills so you get a job, and even look over your paperwork to give you specific tips on how to improve your resume. So start applying for jobs as soon as you can after you get that college degree.

Step 3
Accept initial job rejection without letting it break your spirit.

Tell yourself "I wasn't meant to work at that job. Maybe I wouldn't get along with those people, or maybe I'd be in over my head and overwhelmed at that job. But another job will come along that I was meant to do."

When you start getting interviews and then (a few inevitable) job rejections, tell yourself that it was a learning experience that even college couldn't provide. It was a practice to help you get some of your nerves out, so that when the right job comes along you'll be familiar enough with the interview process that you'll have the confidence to wow them.

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Accept a part-time job in your field, even if it's not quite what you had in mind.

Keep your main job if you are not getting the pay or hours that you need from this job in your field. Don't think of this job as a way to earn money (in fact, you might try to volunteer if you can't find paid work in your field). Think of this job as earning experience.

Step 5
Imagine coming CLOSER to your career goal as the weeks or months pass.

Every cover letter you send should be a little better than the ones you sent the week before. Every job interview should go a little smoother than the one before. You've learned more about your field in your part-time related to the field job than you knew when you first graduated from college. All these things are bringing you closer to your dream job. Don't think of yourself as someone who can't find a job. Think of yourself as someone who has gone through a learning process and has learned enough to get the job YOU WANT.

Step 6
Keep up working on step 5 until you find your job. You can do it! All good things take time. But if you graduated with that college degree it means you ARE suited for the job you want in that field.