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Australian Jobs: Target

Going for a job at Target Australia can be intimidating, especially if it is your first job. I worked at Target Australia for five years  so I will share a few tips on how you can maximize your chances of getting employment. 

Check Online for Available Jobs

Through the Target website you can check for available jobs around Australia, simply look on the careers page and then choose the region you wish to apply for a job in. If there are jobs available in your area apply online for as many as possible.

If there are no jobs listed for your region don't be alarmed - Target will only advertise jobs on their website when they really need people, there may still be openings. 

Print and Fill Out an Application Form

Go to the Target Australia website and print out an application form. Fill this out completely before you go into your local store. Doing this shows initiative and can impress the staff at the counter, or if you're lucky a manager that happens to be there.

Write a Cover Letter

Attaching a cover letter to your application form can distinguish you from other applicants. This cover letter should genuinely describe who you are and why you want to work for Target Australia. Don't make stuff up on your cover letter though, applications managers become excellent at picking out lies in applications and they will be able to tell.

Complete the Online Tests

Occasionally Target runs online tests for people wishing to apply for a job. To maximize your chance at getting a job at Target Australia you should complete these online tests as best you can. Target uses these tests to choose appropriate candidates based on personality and problem solving skills. The tests aren't particularly hard, just answer honestly and thoroughly. Attention to detail is important here.

Approach the Customer Service Desk

Once you have filled out the online applications and filled out your printed application it's time to get down to some stores in person. This way you can maximise your chances of being noticed.

Wear some nice clothes and take your application form and attached cover letter to the customer service desks of the stores in your area. If they are not busy introduce yourself to the customer service attendants there and tell them that you would like to apply for a job. Be patient, if they are busy and let all the customers be served first. This way the service attendants will not be in a rush when they talk to you. After you have given them your application form thank them for their time and leave.

Get to Know Someone Who Already Works at Target

Knowing someone who works at Target is a huge bonus in your job hunt. Mentioning that you are friends with an employee already at the interview can help your cause - especially if that person can vouch for the quality of your character. Just make sure you choose to mention someone who is a good employee, mentioning a person who is always late and doesn't work hard will not work in your favour!

So ask your family if anyone they know works at Target already, or, find out if anyone from school or any social clubs you are a part of works there. If you don't already know someone, take some time to chat to a few employees at the stores. Anything you can do to make your face more familiar will help!

Dressing For the Interview

When you first start working at Target you will be expected to wear dress shoes, black pants and a white button-up shirt - so this is what you should wear to your interview. As Target is very customer service oriented it is also important to make sure that you are clean shaven (if male), your hair is tidy and you don't smell overpowering (either body odour or too much cologne). Conforming to the dress standards of the business will go over very nicely in your interview.

Take Another Copy of Your Application Form and Cover Letter

Make sure you take another copy of your application form, cover letter and any other ID you may need. It doesn't look good for you if the interviewer asks you a question about something you wrote and you don't have it with you! Being over prepared is always wise in this situation.

How to Act in Your Interview

In your Target Australia job interview being genuine is the best thing to do without exception. Lying is the easiest way to lose your chance at getting a job. Apart from this, be friendly. Look the interviewer in the eyes to show confidence, smile and shake their hand. Smiling will also help you feel confident and make the whole interview much more relaxed.

The final thing is to ask questions in your interview. You should prepare a few questions about the company and job beforehand. This shows that you have a genuine interest in the job and that you know the business well enough to be able to ask questions. This last tip could be the thing that seals the deal and gets you a job, so don't skip over it.

Remember, to thank the interviewer for their time and shale their hand at the conclusion of the interview. You want to leave them on a positive note regardless of how you felt the interview went.

Don't Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

If there are a lot of applicants you may not get the job at your prefered store. As such, it's a good idea to apply for every store in your area and even ones that may be a large travelling distance. Once you have a job at Target Australia it becomes a lot easier to transfer to a closer store. In the beginning it's all about simply getting your foot in the door. Once you hve a job your options will increase dramatically.


Look DownLook DownHopefully these tips will help you land the interview and make a good impression so you can get yourself a job at Target Australia. If you have any other tips to share splease leave a comment below. Good luck!