Walmart Job Application

Who better to write an article on how to get a job at Walmart than someone who has been hired there TWICE. You're probably wondering why a person would get hired twice and I have a real and true answer for you, so allow me to explain. I was hired twice because the first time I was hired for an 8 week temporary position, which was for construction remodel. Yes, I helped to remodel a Walmart, that is, until I broke my hip. Yes, I said broke my hip at Walmart and I had to have surgery. I was only 4 weeks into the job when the injury happened on the third shift at about 4 a.m. The good news is that workman's comp paid for all the medical bills and they sent me two checks a month for 5 months.

Moving along to how to get a job at Walmart the first time. To get a job at Walmart you have to apply online or at the store. I applied online and it took over an hour they have many many many questions on all kinds of nonsense. It is mostly common sense on relating with co-workers, what to do in case of this or that etc. No way can I remember them all even though I had to do it, yes you guessed it, TWICE. Anyway, I passed the test and in about 3 weeks they called me to set up an interview. The interview was very interesting, since they were hiring a lot of people all at once for the remodel.

Interview at Walmart

The reason that the 1st interview was interesting is that they took 4 of us into a room to be interviewed together. This was a first for me, however, it eased some of the pressure because the others were there and you weren't alone with the interviewer. The interviewer asked a question then chose one of us to answer it. The questions were much like the ones online, so relax if you passed the ones online you will in the interview too. It also helps to be friendly with the others and the interviewer, this way it lets the interviewer see how you behave and get along with others, especially potential co-workers.

Everything moved along quickly they had us play games, which were designed to show our strengths and weaknesses I suppose. By this time we were all laughing and the atmosphere was relaxed. I have been in a lot of interviews in my time, but none were like this one. It was fun and not boring or scary.

We were all hired on the spot no second interview. We all took the drug screen at the same time and three of us passed one didn't. No surprise though all he did was talk about smoking pot! Anyway, getting a job the first time at Walmart was easy except for the tedious, long and boring Walmart application online.

Working at Walmart

Within 2 days I was in uniform and working at Walmart on the remodel crew. It was a tough job very intense and fast moving. I worked the third shift and liked it, not much sleep, but other than that it went well. The managers were a couple of guys brought in from out of state to do the Walmart remodel. One of the managers was a laid back guy and the other was a drill sargent, I kid you not. He barked orders yelling at everybody all the time. He cussed like a sailor and didn't put up with anything. You mess up you get sent home. I liked him though at least you knew where you stood.

One thing they did though that was weird was if you went into overtime on your time card they would manipulate the time that you clock in and out to make it so that there was no overtime. This is how they did it. They would have you take a 2 or 3 hour lunch break instead of 1 hour then the time would be adjusted to where you wouldn't get overtime. However, we did work overtime, there were some mornings they wouldn't let us leave at 7 a.m. we had to stay and work till 8 or 9.

Not sure if this was legal, but it didn't seem right. If you work past the hours that you're supposed to then you're more tired than normal and it's harder. Therefore, I believe you should get paid more on the hour, but we didn't, because they would manipulate the lunch hour time.

All in all though, I must say I liked working at Walmart. Most of my jobs have been very stressful jobs, but this one wasn't. It was physically demanding work, thus the broken hip, but not stressful. I liked my yelling, cussing, in your face manager even though he was a tough bird. In fact, he made me laugh! Every time he got on somebody it was too funny, they always deserved it he didn't nit pick.

How to Get a Job at Walmart- part 2

Getting a job at Walmart the second time was harder. It was at another store not the one I helped remodel. I did another Walmart application online and answered the same questions all over again and it took over an hour again. I had been off work and in physical therapy for 5 months with the broken hip, so it is now 6 months later. I didn't expect Walmart to call, but they did and it was just like the last time, about 3 weeks after I did the application. This time, however, there ended up being 3 interviews and they weren't nearly as much fun as the first interview at the other Walmart.

Interview at Walmart part- 2

The first interview for the second job at Walmart was okay, but I was nervous. It was a normal interview just me and the interviewer. I opted to wear my uniform thinking that it might be a good way to fit in with the others then they would subconsciously see me as an employee. I think it helped, because he said something about it like I came ready to work or something to that affect. The interview was with a young friendly guy, however, he asked those same awful questions that put you on the spot.

The second interview was worse! The interviewer was another manager, but he was older and not friendly at all. I thought it was over and he didn't like me at all I know I didn't like him. More of the same awful questions and he made me go into more indepth details with answers. He also said that they couldn't get a hold of my references, which I found out later was a lie. He just said this so that I would call my references. So, call your references before the interview to make them aware that they will call because they will. Otherwise, the hiring process is held up and it's bad enough as it is.

Okay, third interview, now I am not really caring what happens. I didn't expect them to call again because of the last interview with the mean lying guy. However, they did, so it was still on going. This time I signed papers to get a background check and get paperwork for the drug screen, which has to be done within 24 hours of leaving the interview. All three interviews I wore my Walmart uniform of navy blue shirt and khaki beige pants. I believed it was working so why mess it up.

Finally, the orientation and on to the job. I have no idea why it was so easy to get a job at Walmart the first time and so hard the second time. Now you know how to get a job at Walmart, it might be easy and then again it might not. Either way you will still have to answer those awful questions.

Walmart Job Application

Walmart Job Application