Unemployed and looking for work? Check out these real life examples and see if what they did could work for you.

Case Study:

Natalie Aged 19.

“After an unpleasant break up I was forced to move back in with my parents who lived some three hours away. I arrived with no savings and only a week’s pay check from my last job to tide me. I went to Centrelink to see what sort of money I was entitled to thinking that this would tide me over until until I found employment. Unforgently, I’d lost MY ENTIRE ID in the move and nothing could be processed until it was provided which was going to take me weeks to sort through and then the payments would need to be processed which would take another few weeks.. I decided it would be quicker to find employment then to run around trying to sort out the Centrelink requirements and decided to spend every week day from 9am till 5pm looking for work. This became my full time job. I applied for adds in the paper, cold called people out of the telephone book and visited business places to fill in application forms. At this point my whole employment history had been based in Hospitality but I because I needed money I was willing to take anything just to get an income. After four days I had a casual job working 3 days a week at an abattoir which was not something I liked to do but it payed the bills while I looked for full time Hospitality work, which I found about one month later”.   

Cathy: Aged 17

“My boyfriend got a job working at a radio station that he really wanted. It meant relocating to a different city which made me quite nervous. I had left school at the end of year 10 and had been in the same job packing shelves at a supermarket ever since. I had no other real skills and no certificates either. I was very worried about finding a job, especially as the people we moved in with told me that the city had high unemployment and that they had been looking for a job for 2 years without finding anything. Still, I decided that I’d visit the local employment agencies and see if they could help me. I didn’t have much success, because I wasn’t on Centrelink the employment adviser said there was not much he could do for me but I could sign up and at least use the computers and photocopier for free which is what I did. I printed off a very basic resume and took advantage of their copier to make a number of copies. I then hit the largest shopping centre and at every shop asked if I could speak to the manager or leave a copy of my resume.The 10th store I visited I was told a girl had just quit in their Kiosk and they needed somebody to replace her. It was only 2 days per week but they taught me how to use the cash register and what to say to the customers and I picked it up in no time. Because I needed more than 2 days per week work, I kept asking at other stores in the centre when I was on my lunchbreak and on my first day doing this got a job washing dishes for one of the food places as somebody had just quit, they had four days per week work so I ended up with extra hours.. Eventually, I got promoted to Duty Manager at the kiosk and I could leave the dish washing job.  I’m not sure what my housemates idea of looking for work was but I have an idea it meant she just looked in the paper every so often and maybe sent off an odd resume".

What do you think? Have you tried out any of the ideas these two girls used? Did it work for you?  What other ways are there to find employment?