Getting a job on a cruise ship can be an appealing idea for anyone who enjoys traveling, adventure, or hanging out in luxurious surroundings. While many people begin their job search by picking up their newspaper's job classifieds section, cruise ship companies rarely advertise in newspapers or traditional online job sites. So exactly how do you get a job on a cruise ship?

Things You Will Need

Computer with an internet connection
Nice suit

Step 1

Decide which position you want to apply for. Cruise ships are very large and usually have more departments than a luxurious hotel, which means there are quite a few different positions to choose from. Cruise ship employees include stewards, restaurant front and back end staff, security personnel, spa and fitness center staff, casino personnel and a variety of entertainment and activity related staff members. Many people who previously worked on land are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can make a lateral move to a cruise ship career.

Step 2

Prepare a resume. Make sure all of your contact information is up to date. You also want to be sure your resume spotlights prior related experience as much as possible and that your cover letter mentions the most impressive items. For example, if you worked as a veterinary receptionist and are applying to work as a spa receptionist, you wouldn't want to focus on your ability to tell different dog breeds apart. Instead, you could highlight the way you soothed upset and worried customers or the way you organized the supply room.

Step 3

Search for cruise line jobs. While there are some sites that have listings for a lot of different cruise lines, they often charge access fees. Instead, you should head right to the cruise line's website to look for jobs for free. While most people think of Celebrity or Royal Caribbean cruise lines, there are quite a few others. American, Cunard, Discovery, Norwegian, Princess, Viking and World Explorer are some of the larger cruise lines to consider.

Step 4

Follow the directions. It seems pretty self explanatory. Once you find a cruise line job you want, you should read the directions and then you should do what they tell you to do. Surprisingly enough, quite a few people don't follow directions, which means their fabulous cover letter and resume go from the in box to the trash can.

Step 5

Dress for success. Once you land an interview, don't pull on your bikini or cut offs and head out the door. Think about how a typical cruise ship captain and steward dress before you decide on your interview attire.

Step 6

Follow up. After your interview, follow up with a note thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to meet him or her. This helps you stick in the interviewer's mind. If you weren't right for this job, he or she is more likely to remember you when you apply again. While it may not be easy to land a job on a cruise ship, it is well worth the effort for anyone who wants to see the world while providing excellent service to people who are having the vacation of their lives.

Tips & Warnings

If you really want a job on a cruise ship, you have to be persistent. There are a lot of other people competing for those jobs. Don't be surprised if you have to go through the whole interview process three to five times before you land your job. Just use each interview as a learning opportunity and practice better answers for questions you feel you didn't respond to in the right way.

Knowing which position you want to go after is essential. If you randomly apply for jobs and obviously just want to get on the ship, you won't come across as well as someone who is concentrating on just a few related positions.