Just days after the death of Michael Jackson and the fans loyalty of this King of Pop started infiltrating the skin. Tattoo artists are reporting a surge in Michael Jackson Tattoos with designed inked from hundreds of fans around the world. Since there is plenty more ink, you may be thinking about getting a Michael Jackson tattoo yourself. Here's how!

Things You Will Need

Need for a Michael Jackson Tattoo


Tattoo Artist

Step 1

The first step is to decide where you would like to put your Michael Jackson tatttoo. While you have plenty of skin, you need to decide if you are putting a private tattoo or a tattoo for the entire world to see. At the moment, tattoo artists are indicating the most popular place for a Michael Jackson tattoo is on the upper arm.

Step 2

Once you know where you are going to put the Michael Jackson tattoo, you need to decide what type of tattoo you are putting there. Usually a design is needed for the tattoo artist to get started, but since there are so many poses of Michael Jackson, fans are bringing in their favorite pictures for the tattoo artists to work from.

Step 3

Since you know where you want the tattoo and what you want it to look like, the next step is finding a tattoo artist. If you have someone you have gone to before, give them a call to see if they are around for your tattoo. If you don't know anyone, ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions. Tattoo artists are one-of-a-kind creatures and develop a following if they are great artists.

Step 4

After you have gotten your tattoo, take a picture and put it on the web! Thousands of folks are interested in seeing what tattoos are being inked of Michael Jackson!

Step 5

Finally, you need to take care of your new Michael Jackson Tattoo as you want your skin to recover and you ink to settle. Follow all the directions of you tattoo artist to make that happen!

Michael Jackson Tattoos are not the type of tattoos that are here today and gone tomorrow. This legend will be known for years to come and a tattoo is an excellent way to show your face as a loyal fan!

Tips & Warnings