A pretty face, how do some people have it and some people don't? While it is true that some people are blessed with great balanced features, it doesn't necessarily make it "pretty" – there is more to it. Think about it, have you ever seen an average looking person only to meet and talk with her and walk away later thinking that you just met a very beautiful woman? The reverse is also true. I've met people where they look very attractive but find that a glaze falls over them when I talk to them and walk away wanting never to see them again, he/she just wasn't attractive at all anymore. Of course, there are just some of those people who look pretty and are people. The key is that it is the entire person that is pretty, not just the face.

That said, there are definitely superficial pursuits that can greatly enhance your pretty face quota. The good part is anyone can practice them for a pretty face.

  • Smile- yes it's true everyone likes to see a smile. This automatically makes you more attractive, no matter what. Do it, just smile, not a big sloppy grin that will make you seem goofy or weird. Just an internally pleased look that you are content to share with others.
  • Take care of your teeth, keep them white by watching what you drink. Get whitening treatments if you need them.
  • Take good care of yourself. self- hygenie I've seen is seriously underrated. Taking a shower and having clean hair is a given. Meticulous hygenie is where people start to get noticed. It's an sublte message that you are sending to others that "I care for myself and you should too."
  • Strive to correct or mitigate any skin conditions. Unfortunately skin blemishes are something that should be a priority to solve. However, skin problems are a distraction not a deterrent from having a pretty face, so there is hope.
  • Learn to use makeup to your advantage – Make up was used by the ancients for the same purpose we do now. Learn to use it in your advantage. Find a foundation that makes your complexion look healthy, find a flattering way to enhance your eyes and shading techniques to highlight or diminish the features that you want.
  • Go for a natural look. Not too bare, that's not what I mean. I mean groom yourself as if you are just naturally pretty, not with overboard make-up that makes it obvious that you are not naturally pretty. It achieves the opposite message that you want.
  • And finally, work on yourself to feel pretty inside, this more than ever will shine through and enhance all the other physical work that you've done.

Getting a pretty face is more of an art than a science. Play around with different looks, but more over keep a routine of excellent hygiene and excellent behavior to yourself. Think of yourself as a pretty person as a whole, and your face will begin to say to everyone you indeed have a pretty face.