So you've met a special someone and wow. They are really something. You're smitten and you've managed to get them to agree to go out with you. You're on top of the world now, right? You're going on a date with your crush! Yipee! Now, before you go on your first date, read this to help ensure you have a blissful initial meeting that opens the door for a second date (and third and fourth and possibly a relationship eventually). First of all, pay attention to personal hygiene. Take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wear clean clothes, and maybe put on some cologne. Nothing is more unattractive than an unkempt date. Keeping yourself neat and clean shows that you respect yourself and others, and that's very attractive.

Next, be sure that you have planned activities for your date. Even a tiny bit of effort in the planning department can be impressive and prevent the awkwardness of not knowing what to do. Going to a meal or getting coffee together are safe bets. If you want to be more creative perhaps go miniature golfing or to the zoo. You can change your plans along the way if necessary and be spontaneous, but starting out with an initial plan is a good idea and courteous to your date's time.

Another key to success is showing a genuine interest in the other person. Ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully to your date's answers. Keeping the focus on your date is polite and will make them feel special. People love talking about themselves, so this will not be very hard to do yet will give you a better chance of scoring a second date. Tastefully complimenting the other person occasionally is also a great idea. Try to compliment on a variety of things, not just appearance.

Try to show some interest in your date's hobbies and passions. You might not share everything in common, which is absolutely fine. But at least try to connect with whatever makes your date tick. They will likely appreciate your flexibility and support of their interests. If you are the person who did the asking out, be sure to offer to pay for whatever paid activities you participate in. Since you did the asking, it's only polite to treat your date and will definitely impress them.

At the end of your time together, do everything you can to ensure your date gets home safely. Either drop them off at their home or walk them to the door. This is classy and often very much appreciated. If you follow these tips, you will likely have a successful first date and opportunities for more in the future. Good luck on your dating adventures!