Get a Six-Pack and Reveal Your Abs

A strong, tight, beach-ready stomach. Great thought huh? Well you don’t need to feel like it’s out of reach. However, it does take some commitment, consistency, and using a plan. Stick to the plan and the reward is well worth it. And trust me, everyone will notice.

There are two basic principles behind acquiring a healthy-looking six pack. The first is to burn fat. You need to reveal the strong core muscles underneath the skin. You can’t do that when you have layers of fat covering that area. The second is to develop strong abs. By building the abdominal muscles, they will become prominent and well-defined. Lines will begin to show in areas you may have never seen them. And as a bonus, you will have improved posture and be less injury prone.


Losing fat is the first and perhaps the more rigorous step in the process of getting your six-pack. Since you can’t specifically target one area of the body for fat loss, focus on performing full body cardio exercises for more than 20 minutes. Specifically, if you are looking to lose more fat, try to do 45 minutes to one hour of cardio 3 or more times per week. Your goal is to reveal the muscle underneath the layers of skin, and you can’t do that until you burn off the fat.


Building muscle is essential to revealing six-pack abs. Cardio alone will get you trimmed but without weight training, your body will just look weak and feeble. You will have no muscle definition and your six-pack will be all but a single stomach layer. Weight training burns fat faster which means you can add muscle to your core with workouts specifically focused on the stomach. Next let’s look at some targeted exercises for the abdominals.

Circuit Training

Use circuit training and supersetting to boost your core workout. Doing a few crunches and situps here and there will have some beneficial effects on your six-pack, but if you want to see fast results use circuit training. The idea behind it is that you move from one workout immediately to the next with almost no rest in between. Your heart rate will increase and you will burn more fat by supersetting workouts. Set up your ab workouts to do 3 or more in succession with the next. For example, do 30 crunches, 20 situps, and 25 leg lifts in row. Do not stop in between for more time than it takes to setup the next routine. It produces results similar to doing both cardio and weight training simultaneously.

Football players, MMA fighters, and many athletes who need strong cores use this technique to rapidly increase their fitness levels. And if you’ve ever had a chance to see their stomach, you definitely noticed how defined their six-packs are.


Crunches are the go to work out for six-pack abs. They are effective, easy to do anywhere, and really give you the burn you’re looking for to build that definition. Perform basic crunches in almost every ab routine and you’ll quickly begin to notice a difference.


Situps utilize the entire stomach whereas most other ab work outs focus on a smaller area such as only the upper or lower abs. If you are going to do sit ups I highly recommend using the Perfect Sit-Up to help you with form and mechanics. Incorporate a variety of situps and utilize weights to increase the difficulty. For example, using a decline bench, hold a 10lb plate against your chest or a medicine ball overhead to perform weighted situps.

Use Variety

Mixing in a variety of exercises that focus on your core will develop your six-pack better than if you were to confine yourself to only a few select work outs. You not only want to develop the middle of stomach, but the entire area around it. By strengthening you obliques, upper abs, lowers abs, and hip flexors, your six-pack will become prominent. Use twists, leg lifts, static planks, mountain climbers and a number of other exercises in your training. Try not to isolate ab workouts to a single day. Instead, perform a few ab workouts every time you exercise, mixing up each day so that you are never performing the exercise 2 days in a row.


Find out what works for you. Everyone is different and certain people will have stronger muscle groups than others. I have found that circuit training works best for getting ripped and strong. However, this may not be something everyone can handle. Push yourself but don’t overdo it, especially if you are new to exercising. The feeling of accomplishing your goals and having a chiseled body is more satisfying than one can put in words. So be consistent and remember to enjoy the journey. Before you know it you will have reached your destination.