If you want to buy a supercharger for your drag car then you have many options. One of the best ways to find a supercharger is to network and talk with the other racers at the racetrack as well as talking with the team's mechanics.

You can usually find a used supercharger that will work in your car if you keep your ears open and get the word out on what you are looking for. Many times you may only be able to find a used supercharger but if you have a good mechanic you may be able to get it working the same as if it was new. Another benefit of buying a used supercharger is the cost is lower. If you can afford it, buy a new supercharger. Sometimes you may be able to find a new one from the boys at the track but usually you will have to look elsewhere if you are wanting to buy a new supercharger for your drag racing car.

Local Drag Shops

Some towns have speed shops set up where you can either buy or order a supercharger that will fit your race car. You will pay usually pay more then if you were to order it online but you get the local shops expertise. These local speed shops tend to be very dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable about racing. Their expertise can be priceless, so feel free to pay the extra money and buy it from a speed shop near you if you are able too.


There are many places you can buy superchargers online including Drag Specialties. You will have to pay the shipping costs but it still comes out to less money then what you would have to pay if you bought your supercharger locally at a speed shop.

There are many places you can find cheap superchargers for sale. Some popular options for ordering a supercharger online include the following online websites:
EBay Motors
You can find a wide variety of blowers for sale on EBay. You can find superchargers in both brand new conditions as well as used blowers.
Not only can you buy a supercharger for your drag car but you can also buy a blower for your boat.

Other Options to Buy a Supercharger

You can also buy superchargers from many car parts stores such as Auto Zone, Napa, Oreilly's and Car Quest.

No matter what car parts stores you have in your town swing and check them out if you need a supercharger for your car. They all can order what you need. Some of the stores tend to have more knowledgeable personnel then the other stores.

Buying a Supercharger

If you are not sure exactly what type of supercharger you need then visit your local speed shop or car parts store. They can help you to exact the maximum amount of performance out of your drag cars engine.

If you know exactly what you need in a supercharger then go ahead and order one online and save yourself a few bucks. Image Credit: (Flickr/aresauburn)