Facebook is a free social site with over 200 million members. Users interact with each other by schools attended, region and more. People who sign up for Facebook are assigned a number for their URL. Recently Facebook introduced vanity URL's so members can use a name of their choice. A vanity URL makes it easier to find family, friends, customers and others. Here is how to get a user name on Facebook.

Things You Will Need

Facebook account

Step 1

Determine if you are eligible for a Facebook Vanity URL. To be eligible to get a user name on Facebook for the selection on June 13th through June 28th 2009, you must have been a Facebook member before June 9, 2009. If you were not a member prior to June 9th, you will have to wait till Sunday June 28th to make a selection. Fan pages must have at least 1000 fans prior to May 31st to be eligible to get their URL for the early selection.

Step 2

Log into your Facebook account with your email and password.

Step 3

After logging in go to www.Facebook.com/username. This is where you will get a user name on Facebook.

Step 4

Select the user name of your choice from the list of names Facebook provides. These names are based on your Facebook user name. If you prefer you may create your own name. Your user name must be at least 5 characters long and consist of alphanumeric characters; the alphabet and letters. Periods are also allowed. Facebook suggests you use a name as close to your real name as possible.

Step 5

Be sure you are happy with your selection when you get a user name on Facebook. Facebook does not allow user names to be changed or transferred.

Tips & Warnings