Many people believe that it is impossible to get a well rounded exercise routine at home. That is most definitely not the case. Of course, having a home gym makes it easier to get a well rounded exercise routine at home, but you can do without a home gym, too. This guideline will focus on ways you can exercise at home without a home gym. If you are in the market for a new home gym or exercise equipment, check out stores like ProForm and Bowflex.


Walking is a great lower body workout. If you are a fan of brisk walking, you can even get a total body workout going because you will get your heart rate up with brisk walking. Believe it or not, you can burn 50 or more calories per mile by walking. Lower body muscles that you are targeting by walking include your calf muscles, buttock muscles, hamstring muscles, hip flexor muscles, quadriceps muscles and much more. Of course, the weather is not always going to cooperate with you. If you are unable to get outside to go for a walk one day, you can still get a great lower body workout by walking laps around your house or walking up and down the stairs.


Now that you have your lower body workout routine going, you need to focus on your upper body. Pushups are one of the best exercises you can do for your upper body. While you are performing a pushup, muscles that you are targeting include your triceps, chest muscles, abdominal muscles, anterior deltoids and much more. One of the benefits of pushups is the fact that you can perform them anywhere at anytime. You will find that if you only do 10 pushups or so a day, your upper body muscles will begin to look toned and you will lose weight. Many people do not realize that you can burn 90 or more calories by simply doing pushups for 10 minutes.

Jogging in Place

Walking and pushups make for a great lower body and upper body workout. However, any well rounded exercise routine also needs a bit of cardio in it. Jogging in place is a great exercise for your heart because you will be increasing your heart rate moreso than when you are walking. Of course, jogging is also a great lower body workout, so if you decide to walk one day, then do pushups the next day, and you can jog in place the day after. You don't want your body adapting to your exercise routine, so you need to mix things up every once in awhile. You should always wear a good pair of running shoes when jogging in place to prevent any injuries to your lower body.