Can you really get an online education for $100 per month? The stars will need to align just right, but it is possible for some. You will most likely need to spread your college credits out a little. In other words, a Bachelors Degree may take longer to earn than 4 years. In addition, to get away with online education for $100 per month, you will really need to focus on some ways to help defray the cost of tuition, like scholarships and reimbursement programs. For those interested in community college, sometime called technical college, you may have a legitimate option to earn a degree really cheap. There are some very key things you must do to help ensure that you keep costs low. If you're looking to get an online education at $100 per month, here's how to go about it. Government assisted loans aren't your only option.

Before you look at internet schools:






Talk to your high school counselor: Your high school counselor will be able to assist you in finding some low cost options, along with some potential sources for scholarships. This must be done for online education under $100 per month. In addition, you may be able to take a college course or two, for high school, at a local community college for credit. These types of programs have become quite popular in recent years and offer you a legitimate crack at an online education for $100 per month.  You can also check into free money to go back to school.

Choose the right career: Before you can really dive into finding an online education for $100 per month, you should really decide what you would like to attend college for. This will allow you to search through technical colleges, where the tuition is usually a little cheaper. If you plan to transfer credits to 4 year college down the road, be sure to talk to the community college counselor before you sign up for classes. They can help ensure you take the right courses to transfer, so you can get an online degree under $100 per month.

Make sure they are accredited: Okay, you can get an online education for $100 per month average if you go to one of the many internet colleges that are not accredited. This may be tempting and in some cases, it may be okay to try, but you will generally not get a cheap internet degree that is recognized by other colleges, or employers, unless it's from an accredited institution. Still, they serve a purpose and look good on paper, so it may be worth a shot. Best bet, however, is to avoid getting an online education for $100 per month from a cheap internet college that is not accredited. Your credits will not transfer in most cases.

Scholarship programs: Spend $50 (most are actually under this price) to get one of the many scholarship programs out there. You will be amazed at how many scholarships go unfilled each year, with no applications submitted. This can really help defray the cost of an internet college degree and allow you to get an online education for $100 per month.

Grants: Try to find out if you can qualify for any grants. This can help defray the cost of attending internet college to earn an internet degree. This is will assist you in finding a cheap school to attend. It would really be a very good idea to visit your local college. A counselor from a local college should be able to help you out in this area. It can really help.  If y0u cannot get grants, consider applying for financial aid even if you have really bad credit.

Student Financial Aid:  If you don't get the amount of aid you need, submit an appeal.  You can check out sample financial aid appeal letters to help you get more money for college.  Plus, you can apply for college financial aid when your parents won't help you out.

Your job: Try to find out if your employer offers any form of tuition reimbursement, even if it's only for a limited number of credits. This can assist you getting an online education for under $100 per month, on average.

It's time to look at cheap internet colleges:






Ashworth University: About $80 per credit hour. This internet college is DETC (Distance Education & Training Council) accredited. When you find ways to cut some costs listed above, you have a shot at an online education for $100 per month.

American Sentinel University: ASU will allow you to earn up to 30 credits based on life and work experiences. In addition, the cost is fairly low. This may end up giving you a shot at getting some online education for $100 per month.

Thomas Edison State College: You are going to pay about $135 per credit from this internet college in New Jersey, but there is one true benefit to them. At this school, each and every class can be taken at the beginning of the month. This means you have a shot at an online education for $100 per month, when spread out, and you take advantage of some of the other options listed.

Internet community college: This really is a great option to look at for an online education for $100 per month. The tuition costs are generally lower and credits can often transfer. You will be able to get a cheap degree in a specific field. You will really want to check out this option when on a tight budget. It will help you have a legitimate shot at getting an online education under $100 per month.

About books:






You may be able to find some options for an online education for $100 per month, but the cost of books will increase the price. Try to rent the books, if possible. In addition, you should see if you can find any of the books on sites like eBay or When the courses are over you can sell them again, so it won't really cost you too much in the end. It's one of the ways to get an online education and keep it under $100 per month on the average.  There are lots of ways to get cheap college textbooks.

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If you are looking for an online education for $100 per month or under, be sure you sign up for classes and courses that allow you to work at your own pace. Many allow this and when they do, you can often begin the courses at any time. When you do this, you can pound out about a credit every 30 days, if you stay focused and committed. When you are on a tight budget, it really pays to give this method a crack. It just may allow you to get an online education for $100 per month.

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