Are you trying to lose weight but struggling? Part of the problem is your motivation. You need to be motivated to keep working hard at shedding those pounds. There will always be times that you want to just stop but your motivation will stop that.

The question that many people have is how to get that motivation. For some, it comes really easily and it is just second nature. For others, it is difficult, especially to keep it for the long term. Here are some of the best tips to get and keep the motivation to lose weight!

Motivation Why?
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Why are you trying to lose weight?

What's Your Reason for Losing Weight?

The first thing you need to do is decide why you’re doing this. What’s the reason for shedding the pounds? This is a completely personal reason and there are no wrong or right answers to it. Some people want to lose weight to look good while others are doing it because they want to improve their health.

Once you have decided on your reason, write it down and put it somewhere that’s easy to see. This is your motivation to keep going. It’s not your end goal but a reminder of why you are doing this! The thing that is fuelling you along your journey! Whenever you find that you are losing the motivation, just look at the reason (or even reasons) again to remind yourself.

Set Your Goals for the Journey

You may already have an end goal in sight. The problem is if it’s a big goal, you will lose motivation along the way. You need to set mini goals along your weight loss journey. These could be as small as losing five pounds or to get into the next dress size down. You may even choose a slightly larger goal of running a set distance a little quicker than you have in the past.

Your goals do not need to be weight related. Think about my last example—it was fitness related. There is a lot that happens when you lose weight. Yes, you get smaller in size but your health will improve, your fitness levels will be better and you may even find that your skin looks better. Focus on other types of mini goals along the way to really boost your motivation as you go.

Psychological Tricks to Improve Your Weight Loss Motivation

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Have Support Along the Way

The best way to gain motivation when losing weight is to have support. This doesn’t have to be someone living in your house, although that does help. It doesn’t even need to be someone else who wants to lose weight! It could be a friend who wants to see your health improve. It could be a partner who is willing to help cook delicious and low fat meals. It could even been a support group for your needs.

There are many healthy eating programs out there, including the likes of Slimming World and Weight Watchers. These programs offer the support that you need. There is a leader to help stay on track with the plan and celebrate with you when you reach your goals. There is sometimes a group of others at the meetings so you can discuss your journeys together and gain tips from each other. There are also online forums where you can gain support to keep you motivated along the way.

Marine Challenges
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Set yourself challenges to keep the motivation going

Set Yourself Mini Challenges

Now that you have the motivation, you need to keep it. If you gain weight one week or have something bad happen in your life, it is easy to put weight loss on the back burner. However, it shouldn’t be if you want to keep going on this weight loss journey. One of the best things that you can do is keep setting yourself mini challenges along the way.

The type of challenges will depend on the type of things that you enjoy. You may set a physical challenge where you have to row a certain distance or run for a set period of time each day. You may set yourself an eating challenge where you have to limit yourself to something or get a certain amount of portions of fruit each day. The choice is up to you but make them fun so you are more likely to stick to them.

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Keep Tracking Everything to Look Back Over

Track everything that you do, think and feel. Some people recommend having a food journal to track your food but I recommend tracking more than that. I recommend tracking how you feel each day and if you’ve noticed a pattern with different types of foods. I recommend tracking your thoughts too. You will be able to spot a pattern with your weight loss and feelings that way. You may find that once a month your mood drops and your weight loss is lower. As you see this pattern, you can start to pre-empt it and do something about it.

You can also look back when you start losing the motivation. You can remember just how far you have come. Just because you put on weight one week doesn’t mean the journey is over. Look back at your weight loss and remember just how much you have lost while on the journey. It is possible and you will soon find that the motivation returns.

This tracking can be in private but some will decide to make blogs so they can track online. There is nothing wrong with either. Tracking in public is a great way to make you more accountable for your weight loss and the things that you do. You can blog under a penname if you want. This is also a great way to gain more support along the way as you meet others who are losing weight. Share tips and build a community together.

Staying motivated during weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many tips to help you remember just how far you have come and what you don’t want to go back to. Set your goals, have mini challenges along the way and find the support to remind you just why you are doing this.

Healthy Weight Loss Motivation Tips