Buying a used car can be the hardest purchase a consumer can make. Fortunately for you, used cars are now tracked by companies like CARFAX who offer comprehensive used car history reports to the public. CARFAX was the first company to offer history reports produced from all the information collected from various state and local agencies. While some of the CARFAX reports include a fee, smart consumers who want to track the history of a vehicle through its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) can get free used car history reports from CARFAX by following these steps.

Things You Will Need



Used car(s)



Step 1

Research local and online sources for dealers of used cars and used car lots. Used car dealers come in different shapes and sizes. Some have a big reputation and some are just giving their used cars away to make a sale. Collect the contact information to use during your search for a new, used car.

Step 2

Gather a list of the best and worst of the available used car dealers of local and online inventory. Your choice in dealer or auction will determine of you will get free used car history reports from CARFAX. CARFAX has thousands of dealers who are affiliated with their history reporting company. You can get free CARFAX history reports from participating dealers and auctions.

Step 3

Contact the dealers on your list. Local visits to used car lots will give you a chance to come in contact with the cars you will choose from. Pick at least two cars from each dealer. When you know which two used cars you would buy from each used car dealer or auction, your interaction with the salesman should include a request to review a comprehensive history report on each vehicle like the history reports that CARFAX offers. Any respectable dealership has a subscription with CARFAX to give their clients access to the information for free. Make sure you get the report or think about finding another dealer.

Step 4

Write the VIN number from each of your selected vehicles. The VIN tag is located in front of the driver⠀ ™s seat at the base of the windshield. Looking through the windshield into the base of the dashboard you will see a metal strip with the VIN of the vehicle. Collect the entire VIN number and have it for future reference during the sale. If you were unable to get a free CARFAX history report from the dealer, you can take the VIN home with you and get a free report directly from CARFAX on your computer.

Step 5

Visit to access their used car history reporting service directly. CARFAX offers free LEMON LAW Search and MAJOR RECALLS of every vehicle for free. Using this free CARFAX report yourself will improve your chance of buying a high quality car used. Enter the VIN into the easily searchable database for a free used car history report from CARFAX.

CARFAX has been doing this longer than any other company. Their reports are high quality and the value they offer consumers is really unmatched in the auto industry. CARFAX offer FREE USED CAR HISTORY REPORTS, ONE-Time History Reports, and Month Long History Reports. Participating auto dealers offer free comprehensive CARFAX history reports to their clients for FREE

Tips & Warnings

TIPS: A free comprehensive CARFAX history report has multiple capsules of information. Compare mileage, state registrations, bill of sales, and salvage reports against the condition of the actual vehicle to get the most from a free CARFAX history report.

WARNING: CARFAX has history reports that they charge for. Consider buying a month full of VIN searches while you shop for a new, used car. Getting the best CARFAX history reports for free takes effort. Getting the reports yourself for a fee can save you some of that effort.