Getting into great shape may be difficult, but getting into decent shape is very easy.  You can spend 2-3 hours and get into pretty good shape.  A quick road to getting into shape includes breaking up the day, doing the long walk, short & intense exercises, and forming the habit

If you break up the day with very short movement sessions it goes a long way.  By breaking up the day you will keep your body loose, you will keep the blood flowing, and you will elevate your energy levels throughout the day.  These are not the only benefits however, another benefit to this is that when you do get to your actual workout you won’t have to spend as much time warming up to get ready to workout.  Try doing three or four different short movements throughout the day.

Doing the long walk means a few different things.  They are both very literal things.  The first is to actually take long walks.  We aren’t going to add this to your hours of working out, what we want you to do is replace a little TV watching with going on a long walk with friends or family once or twice  a week.  You should do this even if you are sore as this is a great way for the body and mind to recover from workouts or a long week at work.  The other meaning is to get a little extra walking during the day.  Park further away in the parking lot at work or at the store and get a nice walk in.  Take the stairs at work.  You could even think about taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Your actual exercises sessions should be short a relatively intense.  Don’t mess around spending hours and hours with boring treadmill running.  That is no fun at all.   Try to do a few 45-60 minute short and intense workout sessions per week.  This does not have to be boring, it can also be fun.  Try things like racquetball, squash, basketball, kettlebell training, ultimate Frisbee, or CrossFit.  These are all great ways to get a short, intense, and fun workout in.

To be successful you don’t have to do long and tedious workouts.  Just do short fun workouts and pair it with some basic activity every day and you will be in pretty good shape in no time.  The workouts I gave you aren’t only good for getting in shape, they are fun!  The key is to be consistent.  Get into the habit of working out 3 days per week, going on the long walks, and incorporate some short movement sessions and you will be in good shape in no time.