Text Are you ready to start up a website? No more freebies. You are declaring your independence from TOS, TOU, etc.. You have to start out right. That is why, picking the best domain name you can is crucial. Just imagine you are selling Batman gear. It's common sense that superman dot com will not work as a site. If you don't pick the best domain name for the niche you are targeting, you'll make a lot less money in the long run. So let's jump right into the right way to pick the best domain name for your target audience. In this article, the examples are enclosed in brackets [example].

First decide how you want the url to end. Will it be .com, .org, .net, .biz, .ws, .tv, .mobi? Most experts will tell you that since dot com is universally recognized as a business or for/profit extension. That's the direction I go. By choosing the extension first you define your model and have started the process to choosing the best domain name for your niche.

Now, start doing some research in the field you've chosen. To get the best domain name you need one that identifies clearly and strongly with your chosen niche. There are various keyword research tools that you can use to narrow the field. And, there is a unique tool that will gauge the commercial intent of a keyword or phrase. If you have never used these tools before, take some time getting to know them. They will help you immensely.

Got your keywords? Outstanding. Now it is time to combine the keywords into the best domain names and alternates. If your niche was making pizza dough, some of your keywords might be [pizza, dough, pizza dough, throwing pizza]really hot and others only average. I normally take the top fifteen keywords and phrases and if you'll pardon the pun, toss em up in the air to see what sticks. [pizza.com, pizzadough.com]

Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

MS Detecting Online Commercial Intention Tool

Think of some descriptive words to put in front or back of them as well. [onlinepizza.com, ultimatepizzadough.com, theonlinemegapizza.com, custompizzadough.com] Don't get wrapped around the axle over one spot of brilliance. You've got more where that came from. Keep as many options as your creativity can handle open. The best domain name will be short, memorable, and convey the idea of a benefit to the surfer.

Jump in now and get that name registered. Go to the domain registrar of your choosing. It's very possible that at least one of the names you brainstormed has been taken. That's the reason you picked out a descriptive word or two to put in front or at the end. Another option is to look into good domain names that have expired. Information on the for-sale domains can normally be found at the registrars site. The best domain name will be the one that makes you money. Good Luck and thanks for reading.