While on a vacation in Italy, you will need to know a bit about Italy money and how the currency works. There are so many questions that a traveler has when it comes to conversion rates.

What is the rate, how will my dollars be turned into Euros when I get there? Will I be able to use travelers checks and will the ATMs be available?

If I need a larger amount of cash, will I be able to use a bank? Will my credit cards work and do I have to pay sales tax?

These are questions that you should research before you go on your trip. This way you will have all of your answers and be better prepared.

The first thing you should know is:

Italy Money is the Euro $1 is equals approx 0.70
Euros currency conversion fluctuates daily check currency right before you leave.

Once you get into Italy, you will go to an exchange office at the airport. This is usually the most accurate place to make any exchanges. If you are at a railway station, there will be an exchange office there as well.

You will be able to find an ATM, they are all over Italy, mainly in the bigger cities, but you will also find some in the smaller towns. ATMs are called "banc mats." While in Italy, you will find that they work just like the ATMs in the US.

If you are not able to find an ATM or bank that will work with your card, you can contact your CC company or bank to find out if they are universal prior to your trip. Most of the business in Italy will accept major credit cards, just watch for the credit card logo in the windows or by the registers.

If you more Italy money than the banc mat will allow, you will be able to find banks everywhere, mainly in the tourist attraction parts of the city.

As far as the sales tax is concerned, you will be happy to know that you may claim a refund for any tax you pay on your purchases. You can do this by going to www.globalrefund.com to process your claim.

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