These days there are far more vegetarian and vegetable protein powders available than a decade or two ago. W Vegetable protein powder mediae no longer have to choose between a whey protein shake or a glass or raw eggs. How you choose wha t type of vegetable protein powder is right for you will depend upon a few factors. Are you looking

for a protein powder that is free from animal products that is vegan? If what you are really looking for is a protein powder that will fit within a vegetarian lifestyle, on the other hand, most of them will work for you. Whey, soy, egg, the list goes on.

Beyond the basic dietary requirement, what you intend to use the protein powder for will of often

affect which sort you choose. If you are looking to gain as much lean muscle mass as quickly as possible, then you will be looking for the powder with the most bio-available protein with high-tech filtering, and which enables you to maintain what’s called a positive nitrogen balance. That is too much technical jargon for this article, but feel free to email for additional mass-building resources or you can use your search engine.

Many people reading this article will be looking to supplement additional protein vegetable protein powderto help support a moderately active lifestyle or else replace the protein they would have gotten from animal proteins. I should point out that the best course of action in most cases to get the bulk of your protein from whole food sources. There are no examples, even if you are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free, where you can’t get enough daily protein in your diet from eating a good balance of whole foods with plenty of interesting variety.

I start my day off with a vegetable protein powder shake every morning to give my body a quick dose of protein and nutrients after 11 hours without any fresh nutrients (I try to avoid eating for the three hours before sleeping in order to prevent interfering with natural human growth hormone production, and to also prevent inflammation in the body—but that info is for a different article, too).

Basics of Vegetable Protein Powder Choices


 Here are some of the facts and choices you should look at for vegetable protein powder choices:

  • Brown rice protein: this is my gold standard for vegan protein
  • Hemp protein: becoming more and more popular
  • Pea protein: still underutilized in my opinion, tons of potential and a great source of protein
  • Soy Isolate: don’t use soy flour, get the isolate and your body will thank you. High in protein, but some people may be sensitive to it, or find it more difficult to digest well.
  • Spirulina Protein: often called a superfood, super high protein. It is also much more expensive  than the other protein powders mentioned, and some people can’t digest it will, either.
  • Buckwheat: Harder to find, but my second or third favourite. I plan to use it more.

You may wish to combine protein powders to help offer you more complete amino acids. One scoop or rice and one of pea is a great mix. Oh, and feel free to add fruit and call it breakfast on occasion if you are in a rush.