Dizzywood is a popular free online game for kids with lots of fun activities and things to do. A lot of the game relies on superpowers that players can get in different places in the game and one of those powers, called Ghost Ray, is very useful. Here is how to get it.

First, you will need to have the levitation and invisibility powers, which you get in Tanglevine Jungle. Then, while you're still in Tanglevine Jungle, accept the mission called Get Zap, Part 1: Get Ghost Ray. When you have activated that mission, go to Onca the jaguar ghost. He is standing near the ruined temple in Tanglevine Jungle.

Onca in Tanglevine JungleClick on him to play a game of Combo Drop and follow the instructions to play the game. If you have not played Combo Drop before, you will first play a few tutorial levels to learn how it is played. Then you will get the main game for the mission. When you win the game, you will get the Ghost Ray power. To use the power, click on it in either your backpack or the hotkey bar and then click an object in the game to cast ghost ray on. That object will turn invisible for a short amount of time and you will be able to see if something is hiding behind it. You can use Ghost Ray to find all kinds of hidden secrets in Dizzywood.