Tips for Finding the Cheapest Hotel Rooms

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Travelers are often unaware that it’s possible to get discount hotel rates, but you have to request a better deal. Otherwise, you’ll likely pay much more than you need to. Although discount hotel rates are generally available, you have to use the right terminology and know where to look in order to get the best deal.

Step #1 - Ask for the “unpublished rate” if you want discount hotel rates. Getting the unpublished rate could save you anywhere from 10 to 25 percent, as stated on
Step #2 - Check the hotel’s website for discount hotel rates. With the numerous booking sites, many travelers never visit the hotel’s official website. The fact is that hotels often offer discounts and deals that are available only through their website.

Step #3 - Utilize booking agencies like Quikbook to find discount hotel rates. Enter the dates of your stay and the location as well as the rate you’re willing to pay. The site will generate a list of hotels meeting your specifications.

One drawback is that you don’t know the name of the hotel until after you book the room. Moreover, you have to prepay without the possibility to make any changes or request a refund.

Quikbook will often post deals on Twitter without ever posting them on the website. Therefore, if you’re looking for discount hotel rates through Quikbook, it’s a good idea to follow the agency on Twitter.

Step #4 - Look for discount hotel rates on rate-comparison sites. Examples of such sites are SideStep and These online companies are not booking agencies. Rather, they are search tools. These sites make it possible for you to find the lowest discount hotel rates available. The site directs you to the hotel’s website or booking agency, depending on your selection.

Because search tools don’t make money off your reservation, you can expect an unbiased search. So, how do these sites make money? The sites make money when visitors click on their sponsoring partner’s links.

Step #5 - Join the frequent-stay program of the hotel where you’ll be staying. Most hotel chains have this type of program. Go to the hotel’s website and sign up. Be polite to the clerk at check-in time. Simply ask, “Can you please upgrade me to a better room?” Upgrades are not granted 100 percent of the time, but you’d be surprised how often you do get an upgrade. Travelers who get upgrades often pay half or less of the regular rate.

Discount hotel rates are out there, but you have to look and ask for them. If you remember to ask for the unpublished rate, check the hotel’s website for discounts, utilize booking agencies, use rate-comparison sites and join frequent-stay programs, you’ll likely get the lowest possible discount hotel rates next time you book a room.

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