Learn how to save on bike insurance

Looking for the lowest motorbike insurance quotes? The best way is to not assume the big insurance companies are going to give you the lowest motorcycle insurance quotes. Believe it or not When I was looking for bike insurance quotes the rate Geico gave me was an incredible 5 times higher than the rate I eventually got from a local motorbike insurance brokerage. Here's some additional tips to help you get the lowest motorcycle insurance.

Don't automatically assume the big boys will give you the lowest quotes

As I said above, the large insurance companies don't automatically give you the lowest quotes. Search around, the best motorbike insurance quotes almost always come from smaller, dedicated motorbike insurance companies. Don't be afraid to try a company you never heard of.  In addition, lots of places claim to give you a discount if you insure multiple vehicles, while this is almost always true it doesn't guarantee the lowest rates, especially if the rate on your other vehicle is high as well.

Document your rider training to get the lowest motorcycle quotes

Without a doubt taking the basic rider course offered at a local motorcycle safety school is a great way to get lower bike insurance quotes. You get an instant savings of 10% on your insurance rate, and, even better, you'll get 10% off your car insurance as well. This is in addition to the great safety training you'll get during the course.

You'll get lower motorbike insurance quotes by owning a less risky bike

Truth be told some kinds of motorcycles are just riskier. Owning a less risky bike, such as a cruiser will most certainly get you lower motorbike insurance.

I recommend reading Proficient Motorcycling, it has an entire section devoted to risk groups cross referenced by motorbike type, it's available on Amazon and can be a real help in getting lower motorbike insurance quotes.

Here's some more help if you live in NY, it'll help you get some really cheap NY bike insurance.

To summarize, shop around, take a safety course and own a safer type of motorbike. Do all three of these and you will most certainly get lower motorbike insurance quotes.