Whether you have a standing appointment at the spa, or you're having your first massage, let the following steps guide you towards having a more enjoyable massage therapy experience.

Massage therapy has extraordinary benefits, and being in the proper frame of mind before your massage can increase those benefits and increase the physical benefits as well.

Things You Will Need

Open mind

Step 1

Get to your appointment early. Allow yourself a few minutes to sit quietly and gather your thoughts before your massage.

It's counterproductive to rush to a session. The greatest benefit from massage therapy is gained when you're relaxed and focused on the massage.

Step 2

Remember that this is your time. Let the massage therapist know if you have any specific needs, or any injuries or areas of concern. If the therapist uses too much pressure, let them know. If the room temperature is not right, they will adjust it. The same goes for the music. The setting should be suited to you...you are the center of this experience.

Step 3

Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing that won't constrict you as you're sitting for a chair massage. Consider sandals or shoes you can slip off to give your feet a chance to stretch as well. If you're having a full body massage, wear clothing that's easy to take off and put back on.

Step 4

Tell the massage therapist if at any time you feel discomfort, either from the massage, or from your position on the table or the chair. If you have low back pain, lying on your stomach can be uncomfortable; a bolster under your ankles can help. If you're large breasted, a pillow under your stomach can help relieve pressure and discomfort. If these don't help, let the massage therapist know.

Step 5

Relax...and breath through your massage. Let go of your racing thoughts...focus on the scents in the room, the pressure of hands on your body, or the sound of music playing. If your massage therapist has a CD player, (most play music) ask if you can bring a favorite relaxing CD to play.

The success of massage therapy can be influenced by the scents and sounds of the room. Make sure they are to your like, particularly if you are having a full body massage and investing a large amount of time in the massage.

Step 6

After your massage, be gentle with yourself. Drink plenty of water. The benefits of massage therapy continue after the massage stops...it gets your lymphatic system going and drinking lots of water helps your system flush toxins.

If you have your massage at the end of the day, go home, take a relaxing bath, pamper yourself a little. If you need to go on with your day, try to ease back in. Maybe go for a walk, have a longer lunch, or sit at your desk quietly for awhile. Array

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