Netflix is a great service. You get DVDs in the mail and you keep them as long as you like. I've been using it for a few years now and love it. However most people don't know that there are several ways to maximize your usage of Netflix.

The first key point is to not just take advantage of the DVD in the mail. Netflix now streams video to your TV through your game console. I use the Nintendo Wii but it works also with the Playstation and Xbox consoles that connect to the web. The good thing about this is that you don't need a huge expensive option in Netflix. I have the one DVD at a time plan which is less than 10 bucks per month.

Something people don't know is that Netflix gave up being able to provide some DVDs as early as they arrive in stores. They did this to get more streaming videos. Failure of you to take advantage of this service is like losing money.

The second point is to watch the DVDs when you get them. My wife loves to keep them on the kitchen table for days and not watch them. The entire time you hold that DVD you are losing MONEY. If you want to watch a certain DVD on a certain day then arrange your Queue to have it arrive at a certain date.

You will need to know your shipping times. Netflix will survey you on these things but you should know exactly how long it takes to get a DVD from them and back to them.

That last point is very important if you are trying to get a new release. This is the only time I will hold onto a DVD. If I know it takes two days to get a disc to them I'll wait until Saturday to send back the disc if the next one is a new release. So I put the new release at the top of my queue. I wait until about three days before it comes out. I send the disc I have back. They get it on that Monday late or Tuesday early(its usually a Tuesday) and they send me the new one. It takes a little practice for this timing. At one time, Netflix got enough new DVDs but they've since cut the number down. If you don't time it. You will wait another week to get a new DVD.

Netflix will also allow you to put your account on hold for certain time periods. Of course you do not pay during that period if you time it right. So during a particular month where no new releases come out I will simply put the account on hold. Is a few sub-par movies worth 9 bucks during a month? I know the answer.

Netflix is great and they are a system just like any other. They bank on people not being frugal and simply throwing their money away. If you use these tips you can gain the optimal rewards for your money.