Exercise is a huge topic in today's busy body world. We're facing an obesity epidemic and everyone wants to know how they can get healthy without putting in too much work. Well, to be honest, there isn't an easy way to get healthy. You can't take the lazy man's approach and sit around on the couch all day and expect to lose weight and feel better. If you want to get fit you have to get out there and start moving around, start sweating!

Luckily there are some devices out there that make it a little bit easier to motivate yourself to get out there and exercise. The pedometer watch is one of those devices. Of course, it is only useful if you plan to lose weight and get healthy by implementing a running or jogging based work out routine but with more and more people getting into running (at least that's what Nike would have me believe) I feel confident in putting this little guide out there in the universe to help you make the most out of your pedometer watch and really start churning out some nice results.

Things You Will Need

All you need is the willpower to start up a daily or weekly running routine and enough money to go out and purchase a pedometer watch. Oh yeah, you'll need a pedometer watch. Depending on what type of pedometer watch you purchase you might need to use an Excel spreadsheet or two to make this whole process work but some pedometers will make that unnecessary.

If you really want to go all out you could go out and buy those Nike running shoes that have the pedometer micro chip implant built into the soles of the shoes. Those shoes transmit data to your iPod touch and you'll be able to record all of the information over time using that. It would get a bit expensive though.

Step 1

When you've made a commitment to get healthy the first thing you're going to want to start doing is focusing on your weight loss. This is a bad thing to do. When you focus on weight loss you're going to be quickly disappointed and you will run the risk of giving up too quickly. Studies have shown that people are more willing to continue a task if they are given constant rewards with numbers that go up. Think of it like an experience bar in a video game. As you progress through the game the levels go up, not down. When you focus on weight loss you are thinking about progress backwards because you want the weight to go down, it's counter intuitive.

Here's where the pedometer watch helps. The pedometer gives you a rising statistic to keep track of. You aren't jumping on the scale anymore hoping that you've lost twenty pounds in two days. Instead, you're watching for those steps to rise and the distance traveled to go up. It's a healthier perspective to take because you will be more inclined to keep going. Numbers feel better when they are going up in life.

Step 2

Now that you have a solid number to track (your daily step count) you can start to set some daily goals to achieve. I usually start off small and gradually build up the amount of required steps per day as I progress through the work out regiment. A spreadsheet comes in handy for this because you can easily organize your days.

Make one column for your goal step count for the day and another column for the step count you actually made. Try to always make par or do better than your goal and keep the goals rising, never let them fall. I usually raise my daily goals by 100 steps a week. So the first week I'll say: walk 100 steps a day. The next week I will say: walk 200 steps and so on until I'm walking about 5,000 steps a day.

Step 3

Exercising on your own is all well and good but if you really want to make the most out of your routine you should partner with a buddy. Find someone who is a little bit more fit than you so that you are constantly motivated to chase after them. You want them to be able to achieve their goal steps with little effort so that you will be motivated to keep up with them.

Make sure to keep it all friendly and have fun with it, don't get overwhelmed and give up because you can't keep up with them. If you feel yourself doing that just go back to using your pedometer alone for a while to build up momentum and training, then get back in the game revitalized and beat your competition.
Exercise an important part of our daily lives. We need to stay healthy and stay active in order to keep living happy lives. Use a pedometer watch to really motivate yourself into getting fit. Stop focusing on the dead end stuff like weight loss and just get out there and move. Weight loss and better health will come as long as you put the effort in and keep those step counts rising every day.

Tips & Warnings