If you have thin and short eyelashes then you know what it's like to fuss with applying layers of mascara and goop hoping to make your eyelashes less invisible or even normal like other women's lashes. Only it never really works out like that. Instead, you end up with clumpy spider leg eyelashes that can make people mistake you for a drag queen.

Or perhaps you've tried fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions. The only problem with this is again, these products tend to give you the drag queen look. Not to mention the abuse you put your own lashes through with eyelash extension adhesives and fake lash glues. After a while, these eyelash extenders can not only rip out your eyelashes from the root, but also leave your lashes brittle and prone to breakage. So how can you get thicker and longer eyelashes safely and yet still look natural?

Because there are so many different eyelash growth products on the market, buyers are more confused than ever about which product is the best choice for their eyelash regrowth. The truth is, all of these eyelash conditioners work the same way. They contain an active ingredient called a prostaglandin or a prostaglandin analog that's been proven to enhance eyelash growth. Other eyelash conditioners that claim to work naturally only contain fillers and do nothing except coat your eyelashes. These products work as a clear mascara at best. The eyelash accelerator most people know about is Latisse. However, this is an expensive lash treatment that requires a trip to your doctor to get a prescription. Plus Latisse is not covered by most insurance companies so it is not the best choice for an eyelash growth product.

There are other eyelash growers out there that don't require a prescription. You can get these lash accelerators online and often at special discounts like these lilash promo codes. The best eyelash growth products have been around for many years and contain the same active ingredient as prescription eyelash enhancers. These eyelash stimulators have been proven to work by many women who have posted their testimonials and reviews online. Before you decide to buy one be sure to read what they have to say.

There are several factors you should take into consideration when reading an eyelash growth product review. First consider what side effects other women have reported. Also keep in mind the cost of the product, whether they have a money back guarantee, how long the eyelash growth serum takes to work, and finally how long one tube of the lash growth gel lasts with everyday use. By keeping these factors in mind, you'll find the best eyelash growers that will give you natural long eyelashes safely with the least side effects.