Using a home air purifier is a great way to help your family breathe better. Air purifiers are especially helpful to individuals that suffer from allergies or asthma because they reduce pollution, pollen, and bacteria in the air. The indoor air purifier market is full of different options, so how do you pick out the best one for you? Consider these tips when shopping for your own purifier.

Things You Will Need

The internet

Time to research your options

Step 1

Consider the size of your home. Air purifiers come in many sizes and they are each capable of purifying the air in different sized areas. Knowing your home's square footage before you go shopping will save you lots of time in the store. The general rule of thumb is that you will need 100 CFM for every 250 square feet in your home. Many experts recommend that you purchase an air purifier suited for larger areas than you will actually need. Then you will be able to run the purifier on low while still getting the clean air effects.

Step 2

Set a budget. Depending on your need, air purifiers can either be just a small extra expense or a large purchase that needs to be planned beforehand. Having a price range in mind will also help you narrow down your options when shopping. Also, remember to consider the cost of replacement flilters when determining your budget.

Step 3

Do some research on each model that you are considering. Doing an internet search for air purifier reviews will give you several websites that offer various consumer reports regarding different aspects of air purifiers. See what has worked for others in your same situation. Remember that a home with smokers or pets will have more contaminants than the average home, so those homeowners should find research models that perform the best in those households.

Step 4

Lastly, be sure to check out the purifier's efficiency rating before making the purchase. Air purifier efficiency ratings are called the clean-air delivery rate (CADR). A CADR of 350 or above is considered very efficient, while a rating at 100 or below is considered very poor. This efficiency rating is a great way to ensure that you get your money's worth out of your investment.

Buying an air purifier should not be a spur of the moment decison. By doing your research and following the tips above, you should be able to make a smart purchase that will properly purify the air in your home.

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