Many tourists interested in obscure places as how to get to Point Roberts, Washington State. This little extreme corner of the Lower 48 is not attached to the USA Mainland directly. Rather, one must cross into Canada and then into the USA at the Point Roberts border control point.

In effect, Point Roberts is a gated American beach community of 1500 people with US Customs and Immigration plus Canada Customs and Immigration providing the gate control and armed patrols of the short land border.

Point Roberts also serves as a place Canadian can establish a US presence like a mailbox, bank account or cell phone number. 

Since there is no airport in Point Roberts and no public transportation there, one either has to drive or take a private boat. Here are the driving directions to get to Point Roberts.Point Roberts Map



Things You Will Need

You will need a car, a map, passports (to cross the border multiple times) and be prepared with both US and Canadian money.

Step 1

Proceed to the extreme northern end of the I-5 Interstate just North of Bellingham, Washington. You will come to the Peace Arch Border Crossing.

Step 2

Clear Customs and Immigration to cross the US-Canadian Border at Peace Arch, entering Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Note the speed limits are in KM now.

Step 3

Proceed North and West on Provincial Hwy 99 until you reach Hwy 10 in Delta. Turn South on Hwy 10 following the signs to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal (look for the ferry boat symbols).

Step 4

Before the ferry causeway, exit Hwy 10 onto 56th Street going into downtown Tsawwassen. 56th Street runs directly South to the Point Roberts border crossing.

Step 5

Clear US Customs and Immigration and you are into Point Roberts Washington. Head directly South to the marina and pub.


Tips & Warnings

* Remember your passport or alternative id when traveling to Point Roberts.
* Remember to leave time to cross the border twice on the way to Point Roberts.

While in this corner of Washington State you may also want to visit Mount Baker by following these directions.

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