Adults require around 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily, however when you live with a hectic schedule and a busy lifestyle, you may find yourself wondering how to get to sleep amidst those insomnia driven-nights? 

If days have become too hectic, people end up giving up a few hours of sleep to keep up with their activities. While there is a constant need to keep up with day-to-day activities, sleep is crucial in helping to do so.  Improving sleeping habits, as well as diet and physical activities can help in overall well being, both mind and body.

Sleep in not just a way for the body to rest. Sleeping involves functions that keep the body and the mind performing in good condition. Sleep helps in repairing the body. The body can be worn out by constant daily activities and needs the down time away from the stress to keep the heart in check. While sleeping, the body can repair the cells that had been under stress.  Sleep aids in keep on minds healthy. Study shows that sleep helps in organizing the brain and helps it process better.

There is a connection between weight control and sleep. With enough sleep, hormones are regulated well. This includes the hormones connected with hunger and appetite suppression.

Here are some suggestions on how to get to sleep easily. Take a relaxing warm bath. The warm water can relax the body and can get your body ready to sleep. 

Another crucial step on how to get to sleep easily is to set the overall ambience of the room. The temperature of the room affects how easily you get to sleep. Make sure you set the right temperature for comfortable enough for sleeping.

Scents and aromas are also good ways on how to get to sleep quickly. Scents like chamomile can build a relaxing ambience thus inducing sleep. You can include the relaxing oils in your bath or spray the scent on your pillow as you go to bed.

Drink warm milk or herbal teas. Drinking warm milk is one of the most commons tips in how to get to sleep easily. Milk and some herbal teas are some of the foods that encourage production of serotonin which has a calming effect in the body.

As much as possible, avoid eating food that are hard to digest up to three hours before you go to bed. Gastric juices tend to level out when you lie in bed. Sleeping with a full stomach, may cause indigestion and heartburn which can interrupt sleep. 

Also, avoid caffeine and nicotine when you want to sleep. These two substances are stimulants that keep the energy levels up. 

As you try to sleep, relax your mind. Thinking too much may prevent you from getting the sleep you need.  You can try imagining a calm scene to ease your mind out.  This can be easily be said than done, however, it is a very important step on how to get to sleep easily.