Special presents deserve special wrappings. Gift boxes of jewelry –especially a Valentine's Day jewelry gift box-require a more thoughtful presentation. Showcase your feelings along with the present as you wrap the gift creatively for your sweetie.

Things You Will Need


Jewelry Gift Box
Wrapping Paper

Step 1

It takes a long search to find the perfect piece of jewelry. You examine countless rings, necklaces, stones and settings from a variety of jewelry stores. Finally you narrow it down and settle on the perfect piece of jewelry for your special loved one. Go the extra step and prepare an elegant presentation for the gift. Find a creative wrapping technique for the jewelry and allow the outside of your gift to become as refined and the exquisite as the article it contains. Many creative wrapping methods exist when it comes to jewelry; all you need to do if pick one.

Step 2

Fun: Creative Wrappings-Puzzle Box

Wrap your Valentine's Day jewelry gift inside a puzzle box. Puzzle boxes come in a variety of designs, such as sailboats, seashells, birds, shamrocks or animals. Made with several different types of wood and built with movable pieces, when opened there is a tiny area inside to hide a gift. Locate one at local crafts stores, farmers markets, online auctions or specialty stores.

Open the box and place the jewelry gift inside. Pick a box elaborate enough to make the hunt for the present fun, but not too difficult that it becomes hard to find. Remember to select a box that represents an item your partner will enjoy.

Step 3

Creative Wrappings-The Hunt

Have fun as you hide the real gift inside other gifts and watch her reactions as she see the real gift. Take a small jewelry gift box and tape the sides securely. Put it inside a new pair of heart shaped socks. Wrap the socks inside a muffler or attractive scarf with a heart design. Slide the scarf into a hat, a sweater or a purse. Box and wrap the gift in a festive design.

Step 4

Creative Wrapping-Stuffed Animal

Discard the Valentine's Day jewelry box as you attach the jewelry to a stuffed animal for a young girl or teenager. Wrap the necklace around a stuffed teddy bears neck or wrist. Or, if the jewelry present involves earrings or a ring, place the gift box inside the corner of the arms of the stuffed animal of its hands. You may also pick up a large pink or red stuffed heart for this presentation.

Step 5

Elegant: Stylish-Purse

A woman can never have too many purses and purses make a good jewelry gift wrap idea. Go to the accessory department and purchase a small satin evening purse for her. Pick one that is elegant and matches the color of her favorite dress. Insert the wrapped jewelry gift box inside the purse, before boxing and wrapping the purse.

Step 6

Stylish-Swag Bag

She'll think she's a rock star as she opens her swag bag. Pick a black or midnight blue velvet jewelry gift bag or make your own with a piece of fabric from your local craft store. Place the jewelry box inside and pull all sides of the fabric to the center of the gift making a pouch. Wrap a gold thread string around the top of the pouch.

Step 7

Stylish- Container

Look for a metal container large enough to place your Valentine's Day jewelry gift box inside. Select a heart shaped silver tin, a round tin with a heart themed picture on top or a bright red tin. Place the gift box inside.

Step 8

Stylish- Jewelry Box

Once the gift box is opened, there needs to be a spot for the gift. Buy an antique wooden box or jewelry box to house the gift. Pick box with several compartments for a man, while a woman may enjoy one with a twirling ballerina or a musical jewelry box. Place the Valentine's Day box of jewelry inside the antique box and wrap.

Step 9

General Wrapping Technique

Secure the jewelry inside the cardboard holder or velvet-lined slot the jewelry came with, before inserting it into the box. Tape both sides of the box shut.

Cut the wrapping paper to size. Place the box in the center of the wrapping paper face down. Find the long section of the box, which is the side, and pull the wrapping paper over the side and to the center of the box. Tape it down. Repeat the process with the other side. The wrapping paper should now cover the box but remain open at both ends.

Fold the wrapping paper at the end into a triangle and tape the edges to the bottom ends of the box. Turn the wrapped gift over and decide on the embellishments.

Step 10

Embellishment Choices

Cut a wide 1-inch ribbon to surround the jewelry box lengthwise. Place it on the front in the center of the box. Turn the box over and carry the ribbon to meet in the center back of the box. Tape it down and turn the box over. Tape one red paper rose to the front of the box.

Step 11

Place a ribbon of the front of the box and carry the ribbon under the box. Twist it in the back near the center of the box and bring it back up the sides. Tie it in the center of the front of the box. Add two small heart charms on the ends of the ribbon.

Step 12

Put the Valentine's Day jewelry box inside a small, heart- themed pink or red gift bag. Add matching tissue paper to the top of the bag to cover the gift. Include a card

Step 13

Wrapping Paper

Elegant : Match the wrapping paper to the presentation. Select a metallic colored paper to wrap the jewelry gift box for an elegant presentation. Colors like gold, silver, jet black, copper or bronze make a good choice.

Fun: For a fun themed Valentine's Day jewelry gift, choose wrapping paper that has tiny red or pink hearts; a little boy kneeling with a large valentine heart or stuffed animals holding hearts. Some gifts may require no paper as you insert them inside another.

Cloth: Recycle elegant material as wrapping paper. It can make a pouch or become an envelope wrap for your gift.


Gifts of jewelry bring a smile to everyone's heart. Wrap your jewelry gift box to accentuate the gift.

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