Being a strange place is as strange as learning the language of that place. It is hard to find one’s way out in an unfamiliar place. You have been a stranger before to an unfamiliar ground. And you have experienced meeting a stranger in your place asking for directions. How can you perform your role best as directions giver? Follow these tips.

                Be truthful.  If you don’t have any idea about the place being asked, say it directly to the person asking directions.  Direct her to a nearby gas station or better yet to the traffic policeman. They may be in the better position to give the stranger an idea of where to go.

                Be definite. When describing the location, make sure to point out the specific details. If you say that she will pass through several blocks, state the exact number of blocks. Or that she will pass through a number of billboards, state the number of bill boards and the picture of last personality involved in the billboard if necessary.

                If you know the approximate or exact number of minutes that will take her there, then convey it to the person asking. It might be that she has to find her way back for having lost track.

                Include notable landmarks in your instructions. They say that landmarks work best in giving directions for they serve as signposts where the location is. In giving the landmarks, make sure to include how the person can reach the same. For example, “turn right at the museum. Then you will see the Nazareth High School. After that, you turn left where you can find the St. Peter’s Church.” Do not attempt to confuse the stranger by giving too many landmarks. Include only those notable or conspicuous ones.

                If you’ve got a pencil and paper, you can make your directions clearer and better by making a simple map or sketch. It would make it easier for her to find the exact location of the place.

                You might be in the same situation, so have a sense of compassion. Who knows the next time you’ve got into a foreign place and need some help, some willing individuals are ready to help you, the way you did when someone needed your help in your place. The law of good karma will not fail you, I am sure of that. It takes a helpful stranger to help a fellow good stranger.