Flat hair is one of those hair problems that seems impossible to fix. Maybe you did not rinse your hair well because you were in a hurry or perhaps you just have naturally oily hair that is always sticky and difficult to bounce. Whatever the case, there are lots of different things you can try to give yourself the bounce of A-list celebrities' hair. Read on for some tips on how to do so.

Adding volume to your hair is about lift and bounce. Light shampoos and conditioners are ideal for flat hair. Look for shampoo for oily hair rather than the moisturizing varieties. Overly coating your strands will make them thicker, heavier and much harder to lift. Shampoo the roots first then rinse thoroughly. After that, apply conditioner onto the ends of your hair. Massaging conditioners on the roots will make your hair oily and flat so try to avoid that area. Remember to rinse you hair thoroughly after shower. Chemical residues from hair products can bring about dullness-causing buildup that makes your hair limp. To get rid of this, use a clarifying treatment at least twice a month.

Completely dry hair adds a bit of volume. To do this, after showering, lean over and turn your head upside down. Brush your hair downwards to dry the roots. To give more body, apply mousse through damp hair then blow dry it upside-down.

Go for cool waves. Waves are perfect to add glam to your mid length strands. Perm your hair at the ends to create soft coils. If you have much longer hair, use curling irons to make loose and sexy waves. Use a large barreled curling iron, then run your fingers through your locks to loosen the curls. Don't forget to tug on your tresses before going out; otherwise people will think that you're wearing a wig. As big curls straighten out fast, always use the right products to keep your stands twisted and your waves bouncy for a longer time.

Opt for a layered haircut. The longer your hair, the heavier it is. You can try a textured bob cut with long layers for versatility. Let your hair fall just below your chin and slightly shorter at the back. However if you don't like your hair short, create loose flowing sexy curls which are best for long layered hair.

Do a perfect pouf. This simple hairstyle bulges your crown. To get it, tease the top quarter of your hair with a stiff unused toothbrush or a fine toothed comb. The bristles are perfect to make a pouf. Sweep the back section, tuck the ends and secure the base with bobby pins.