How to Give Him the Best Valentine's Day Ever

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic holidays. It allows you to get sentimental and shower all the love you feel on your man- without him freaking out- as you spoil him rotten. Give him the best Valentine's Day with "The Valentine Game" and he will talk about this day for years to come.

THE VALENTINE GAME - Romance Begins in the Mind

Entice his mind with romance and intrigue. Have his mind racing this Valentine's Day as he hunts down clues and finds his hidden Valentine gift at the final destination.


Decide on your final destination as this will determine the steps of the game. For example, if the final Valentine destination is a night at the theater, have the steps include a stop at the barber shop for a touch up; a step at the dry cleaners to pick up his suit and a stop at the florist for a wrist corsage for you. Or, if the idea is a romantic night of snuggling in at home, have him pick up wine to drink; oils or lotions for massage and fruits and chocolates for snacks. Tailor the steps to your final Valentine's Day destination and then set up the steps to deliver his Valentine gift.

Set up the pieces of this Valentine game in advance with the assistance of friends and shopkeepers. Ask your friends to meet him and hand him the clues. Speak to the shopkeepers and prepay for services- include a nice tip- and items your man will pick up wrapped that will be used at the final destination. Items can include a bottle of champagne to sip a Valentine's Day toast, deli meats, gourmet cheeses, candles, tablecloth, hotel key, lotions and chocolate-covered pretzels. As you personalize this game to your man and choose the treats that he will enjoy.

Prepare the clues for your Valentine's Day gift. Blow up a picture of the final destination and have it made into a puzzle. Use the back of the pieces to write the location and time for the stops. By completing the puzzle he will arrive at the final destination. Or, use several pictures of yourself removing a piece of clothing with each clue. An example would be a jacket for the first clue, with the next location stop written behind the picture. Then remove a shoe in the next picture. But, keep it tasteful, and don't hand out any pictures which would bring you regret later. The last options include a simple handwritten note, phone instructions or text ones.


Begin the game by slipping a note into his jacket pocket before he leaves in the morning, without his knowledge. Write the GPS coordinates- or the address - to the first location with an exact time. If you don't live together, send a text with a similar message to this one, "Happy Valentine's Day. I have a mission for you to complete today. If you choose to accept it, be at the corner of XPZ & ABX Street at 10:22 a.m."

Arrange for a friend to meet him at the first location. The friend will hand him an envelope containing the next clue with a container to hold the items he is to pick up at each location. Use the second clue to give the time and location for the third stop.

Inform the friend to keep quiet about the final location (or better yet, don't divulge the info) as the key to the intrigue portion is the surprise. At each location, he will be required to pick up a wrapped item- in Valentine wrapping paper- which is stored in the container until he reaches the final destination.

Make the stops along the way fun and unusual. Rather than stop at a grocery store, make him hunt down a small, out- of- the- way specialty store with meats and cheeses hanging from the ceiling. Or, for a flower stop, make it at the outside farmers market where he has to locate the specific vendor rather than the go to the florist shop. Add some steps that make no sense, like a car wash, office building or Hallmark store filled with Valentine's Day gifts. (Maybe add a jewelry store along the way so he remembers your jewelry gift.) Do everything you can to make him wonder where he is going & what he will find at the end, as it is the intrigue that makes the game fun.

The Final Destination

Make the final destination special and worth his effort. After all, he has spent several hours running around, wondering and the idea now has built up to a spectacular image in his mind. So, set the stage like it is an old time movie. Make yourself glamorous! Be immaculate this Valentine's Day, with clean, perfumed, wavy hair, bedroom smokey eyes, kissable pouty lips and silky soft legs. Strut that sexy dress he likes- the slinky one that works your curves- and add the open-toed high heels that flatter your red manicured toes. Remember it is all about him and what he likes today, so play your part.

Decorate the room. Undo silk or artificial flowers and spray them with rose oil. Sprinkle them around the room, on the bed and in the bathroom. Use candles to create romantic mood lighting. Play soft music in the background. Have the sweet smell of flowers in the air as you place tiny vases of flowers around the room.

Draw a lipstick red Valentine heart on the bathroom mirror and place a kiss inside. Place a large red towel with a couple of pink heart-shaped soaps next to the mirror. Put a steamy boudoir photo of you inside a frame and set it on top.

Final Destinations Ideas

End Valentine's Day at a hotel lobby bar. Enter the bar after his arrival time as you disguise yourself with a wig, a sexy dress and heels. Sit at the opposite end of the bar and buy him a drink. Act like he is a stranger as you slink by. Lean in close to ask him a question as you slip the hotel key into his pants pocket.

Make the Valentine Day surprise a romantic bed & breakfast room. Make receiving the key one of the wrapped items. For the last clue, inform him to open the item to locate the final destination. Be prepared for when he opens the door. Dress in his button-down shirt and a pair of 5-inch red heels. Have the lotions set up, artificial flower petals strewn along the room and a scented candle lit.

Other options include ending at the airport for a week end get-away, the theater or symphony to attend a performance or an exquisite restaurant for an intimate meal.

Day time destinations include a beach or park for a lunchtime rendezvous picnic, an amusement park for a day of fun, a museum or local attraction that the two of you are normally too busy to see.

Things to Remember

For nighttime adventures or overnight stays pack him a small suitcase with the items he needs. Pack pajamas, casual clothes, slippers, grooming items and personal care items so he is comfortable. Also bring a cooler of snacks, in addition to the ones he has picked up.


The game is all about fun and enjoyment for the two of you. So adjust the pieces to fit your lifestyle and enjoy your Valentine's Day.