Webster defines love as a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties or the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration of. When you encounter a person daily for 6-8 hours for 336 days more or less depending on the weekend schedule requirement, a attachment, affection or personal tie does develop in a positive or negative way. This negative way, in street term is described as a person who the receiver of communication interprets as an individual not out to promote good intentions for him or her, a "hater".

A "hater" usually have qualities of close mindedness, abundance of constructive criticism (they perceive it as constructive), primary goal is misdirection and inhibition to change or improvement in welfare of others or themselves. They create firestorms in their workplace that cause conflict and a stressful environment. They hinder progress that stunt growth in the workplace.

Dealing with people of this mentality and behavior pattern is challenging, but realistic. They do exist in primarily every environment from religious to social. Often these individuals come from homes that were unhealthy in social- emotional relationship skills. What they perceive as normative is much skewed from their upbringing being unhealthy and most times unhappy. This is very difficult to keep in mind when you encounter these negative behaviors every day. The foundation for calming and curing these types of firestorms and suppressing "haters" on every level is a little love every time you encounter them.

Keep the encounters short but smile, give them a hug or a high five unexpectedly sometimes. Share a short chat with them changing every negative comment to a positive such as: Their comment of "This is a horrible day" to your comment of "Aren’t the sun shining bright and beautiful today, I love this day." Confront them in a positive way and encourage them to use words that bring support and positivity to the work place and others instead of pessimism. It is proving that negative reinforcement brings about more negativity, but positive behavior can change negativity to positivity. Love, it goes a long way.

In conclusion, the next time you walk in the door at work and hear the person you perceive as being a "hater" speaking and bringing the work atmosphere to a inhibitory, stressful, solemn state; turn around and give them a hug or smile and say something positive to them. This will definitely love them onto the right path.