Sick Bunny

We have all had that experience where we have had to head to the vets with our pets because something seems wrong with them.  Most pets know when it's time to head to the vets and they make you chase them around the house to avoid being put in the carry case.

So when your vet tells you that your little guy or girl needs to get oral medicine by syringe for the next 10 days and it's up to you to administer it, it's a task you will dread. No matter how timid your pet is if they see you approaching with a syringe full of medicine, they will run the other way. 

Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits are a bit more lively when it comes time to giving them medicine.  The job you might find you have with trying to give a rabbit medicine is that they do not like being taken out of their comfort zone. They will kick and bite you if you are not careful. So if you are given oral medicine to your rabbit, then here's one way how you can do it.

Step One: Make sure that you have your back to your rabbit or keep them in a separate room while you are preparing the syringe because a few days of them getting medicine you might be surprised to find that your pet will wise up and know the exact time you walk in the room with the syringe.

Step Two: Either have someone else hide the syringe or hold it in your mouth for easy handling.

Step Three: Pick your rabbit up by placing one hand under his/her butt and the other around their tummy and tuck him/her into your chest.

Step Four: By tucking your left hand under the belly,  you gently turn him/her over to the left so that the body is facing the ceiling. You should end up holding your rabbit now like a baby with their four tiny paws facing the ceiling. Make sure you have the head securely tucked in between your elbow and chest, you need to keep your rabbit in a secure grip to try to keep them from moving but at the same time not hurt them.

Step Five:  Finally you have your rabbit in place to give it the syringe. What you do in gentle insert the syringe into the side of the mouth facing out and insert a bit of the liquid at a time. The good thing about rabbits is they won't spit it out. So depending on the amount in the syringe, it's shouldn't take a minute or two to complete the task. Be very careful that you don't force too much medicine into the mouth at once, you could end up unintentionally choking your pet. When you give them a bit, stop and your rabbit will lick its lips and take a breath, now you repeat the process again and you keep going till the syringe is empty.

Step Six: Give your pet a treat when you have completed the task for being a very good patient and make a big fuss of them for a bit so they forget the event.