How to Give Medicine to a Dog
Just like a lot of people most canines do not enjoy taking medicine. Therefore, you need to know what you are doing before you attempt to give any medication whether it be dog pills, powder or liquid medicines. The methods vary depending on what form the medication is in i.e. pills, liquid.

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How to give your dog pills Method 1: First, place the dogs pills between your thumb and forefinger. Then, placing your hand over the top of the dogs snout apply inward pressure (this should lightly press the upper jowls in towards the dogs teeth). Next use your middle finger to help pry the mouth open and quickly place pill in the back of dogs mouth towards throat. Lastly, still holding the snout tip dogs head up so he does not attempt to spit out the pill. You can also gently rub the dogs throat in a downward motion and lightly blow into his nose to encourage him to swallow if he does not do so immediately. Watch him for a minute to make sure the pill has been swallowed and not stuck in his mouth or throat.

Giving a dog pills using the Crusher Method.

How to give your dog pills Method 2: If you have a pill in tablet form ask your vet if it is alright to crush the pill. If so using a pill crusher (available at most pharmacies) crush the pill and place it in a little bit of wet food. To ensure that your canine consumes the entire pill only put it in a small amount of food and wait until he is hungry. This is easiest to do if you offer the wet food with crushed pill before offering up your pets regular dry food.

Giving a Dog Pills Using Food

How to give your dog pills Method 3: If there are no food or eating restrictions that come with the medicine wrap the pill in a piece of sandwich meat or press it into a small bit of hot dog or other food they like and feed it to your dog. This method can be extremely helpful if you have a difficult pet or one that is difficult to keep still.

Liquid Medicine.

How to give your dog medicine in liquid form: Have your dog sit down and using a medicine dropper, vial or bottle and pour liquid between his teeth and cheek near the corner of his mouth (where top and bottom lips come together). Be sure to not pour more then he can swallow. You can elevate his head but only slightly if he does not try to immediately swallow.

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Tips & Warnings
Always reward your dog after giving medication whether giving your dog pills or medicine in another form. This will promote his cooperation when the time comes to administer more medicine. The reward does not have to be in the form of a treat but more beneficially try rewarding your dog by giving praise and pets and telling him how good he was - even if he didn't make the process simple. Always read precautions and directions of any medicine before you give it to your pet and heed any restrictions or time labels.