There are simple and cost effective ways to improve the exterior of your home. One does not have to be a professional to do these simple jobs; a little research and a good eye for beauty will come in handy. Take a few snap shots from different angles of your garden and driveway to use as a guide in selecting what changes ought to be made. Scan the photos and save in the computer, which is a great tool when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. You can play around with different color schemes, backgrounds and gardening patterns until you get what suits your home.

Friends can also be very helpful when it comes to change. Ask them what they think should go, and what should stay and you will be surprised at how many suggestions they come up with. One may get comfortable and sentimental with items that make the place look drab like broken flower pots or an old disused shed which may be overlooked when planning a facelift. A second opinion is therefore necessary.

Do a little research on the internet and from the local hardware to find out the latest trends, what mood different colors create and the best material to use for your home renovation. You will be surprised at the impact small changes like color can make. You can change your home from a dull one to an inviting and comfortable one just by choosing a warm color scheme. Once you have selected the material and paint, embark on getting protective clothing to wear. Get tips on how to do the job right and ensure that you have all the requirements beforehand. Take your time to achieve the desired results- remember you are not a professional and this is your home.

Try changing your garden plants or planting bright colored varieties among existing flowers. This will give your garden a burst of color and life. Add garden furniture to create a welcoming environment and garden accessories like a small fountain, a gargoyle or a strategically placed statue. Introduce a bird bath or house to a sunny spot where you and your guests can watch as the birds play. If your garden is large, you can place a table and some chairs to entertain your guests or sunbathe when the weather is right. Make sure all outside furniture and accessories are waterproof and are of good quality.