A foot massage can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, it can help to stimulate circulation and is also know to aid sleep as well as give energy to anyone who is suffering from lack of sleep. The sole of the foot and the ankles have thousands of nerve endings that will help your partner or client to relax and gain the full benefit of their foot massage.

Things You Will Need

Massage oil

A small cushion or rolled towel

Step 1

When giving a foot massage the first thing you should do is make sure your partner is relaxed. Place a rolled towel or small cushion under their knee to raise it slightly allowing the muscles around the knee and lower back to relax.

When giving foot massages very little oil is required, add a small amount of massage oil to your hands and rub them together instead. Begin by kneeling at your partners feet and start by placing your hands around your partners ankle. Deep pressure can be used to help your partner feel more energized whereas gentle stroking will increase relaxation depending on your partners needs. Slide your hands from the ankle gently to the toes and release. Do this several times allowing the massage oil to lightly cover the entire foot.

Step 2

You should next work on the top of your partners foot, Use the heels of both your hands to kneed and stretch the top of the foot while using your fingers to gently massage the bottom area of the foot.
A good foot massage should work on all areas of the foot separately, using your thumbs you should gently massage around the ankle area starting from the top and working your thumbs down towards the heel. Next take both hands and placing your thumbs on the top of your partners foot use your fingers to massage the area underneath the toes on the bottom of your partners foot using small circular movements while using your thumbs to massage the top area just below the toes.

Step 3

Move one hand up so that it is supporting your partners lower leg, just above their ankle and with your other hand hold the toes and gently rotate your partners in slow circular motions to the left, repeat this five times and then rotate to the right.

Place one hand on top again and using your other hand firmly knead the arch on the bottom of the foot using your thumbs and knuckles. You can finish by using the same method you started with working again from the ankle down to the toes using gentle strokes.

You can repeat these steps several times during the foot massage but remember to work on both feet. A good practice is to work through all the steps on one foot before switching to the other, you can then change back to the first foot and start the steps again.

Tips & Warnings

When giving a foot massage for the first time be careful not to apply too much pressure to your partners feet until you are more confident. The more you work the easier it will become, start out using gently strokes and to relax the mucles before kneading or applying pressure. Avoid using too much oil as this can cause the foot to slide and make the foot massage difficult to pratice. You can use talcum powder as an alternative to massage oil if you prefer.

You do not need a massage table for foot massages, a soft mat or blanket on the floor can be used as long as your partner is comfortable and you have adequate room to work around their feet. There are also a range of foot massage products available to buy like fragranced massage oils and base oils. Also read how to give a back massage for more information