If you or a loved one experiences back pain in some degree or another, one of the best things you can do to relieve some of the pain is to give or receive a back massage. There are many different causes to back pain and it may be either chronic or an isolated incident. Isolated back pain is usually caused by strained muscles from either improper lifting techniques or poor sleeping habits. This usually heals within a couple of days. If you have chronic back pain, there are other causes to it. Some of these include injury to vertebrae, osteoporosis, other skeletal issues, or simply carrying out day to day activities, such as sitting in a chair, improperly.

Whether you back pain is a one-time occurrence or it is chronic, both have one way to relieve the pain, back massages. A back pain massage has many physical effects on your body that help to alleviate pain in the short term and accelerate muscle repair in the long term. It increases circulation to the muscles being massaged, releases tension, helps to tone your muscles, and can even nourish the skin if done with proper massage oil. The increase in circulation to the area is where a back massage's real healing power lies. Increasing the circulation and blood flow to an injured muscle will help it heal much faster as it gets more of the nutrients and minerals it needs to heal from the blood stream than it otherwise would. Massages have also been shown to stimulate endorphin production, a chemical that makes you feel good, and also boost your immune system.

If this all sounds good to you, but expensive trips to a spa are out of the question for you and your partner, you can either get a massage from a partner or use a back massager from places like Brookstone. If you want to do the former, here are some back massage techniques that you can use at home to get many of the same benefits as a professional massage.

Giving a Good Back Massage

First, have your partner lie down on their stomach in a comfortable position. Back massage cushions are great for making him or her comfortable during the process. Next, using quality massage products, put some oil or cream on your hands and rub it gently over your partner's back. Using good massage products will not allow you not only you to give a better massage, but will also help heal, protect, and moisturize your partner's skin.

Now that you have finished the preliminary steps, its time to get into actually giving your partner the massage. Start by giving a lower back massage, kneading the entire area with both hands. Work your way up to your partner's neck with your hands, pushing out all the tension and pressure for their muscles. While you are doing this, make sure you're continuing to knead their muscles with your hands. Work your way back down by applying pressure to the muscles on both sides of the spine with your thumbs at each vertebrae. Continue to repeat this, working out tension on the way up and using broad, long softer strokes when you return your hands to the lower back.

When you're giving the massage, be on the lookout for knots and other sore spots or spots of tension. Knots can be worked out in one of three ways with your thumbs. You can apply direct pressure, work them out with a circular motion, or try to stretch them apart by pulling on them. Finish the massage by rubbing your partner's neck and shoulders and giving them several long strokes up and down the back with your hands. I f you're really feeling generous, you can then ask them to roll over and give them a facial massage.

Massages are good for all areas of your body at releasing stress and tension from your muscles and helping to more quickly heal sick muscles. If you can't get to a massage parlor yourself, hopefully these back massage tips help you and your partner relieve some of the back pain that your are experiencing.